Arm Joins the Board of Directors as a New Promoter of the UEFI Forum

Arm has accepted the invitation from the Board of Directors of the UEFI Forum to be a new promoter of the industry standard organization.

The UEFI Forum was created in 2005 to promote the adoption of the modern EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) system software interface into the wider industry. The development of the UEFI technologies on Arm started around 2008, initially led by Andrew Sloss, and later on by Jason Parker, Leif Lindholm, Mitch Ishihara and Charles Garcia-Tobin. Many people throughout the industry contributed to the effort, and the technology was further extended to the reset vector via its Platform Initialization (PI) Specifications.

While UEFI and PI technologies progress, a parallel standardization effort on power management and system configurations, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Specification, was produced by a handful of companies on the side. With the success of the UEFI technology adoption and its critical players, including Arm as a contributor in the Forum, ACPI was brought to the UEFI Forum in 2013. Arm has provided the Arm-binding for the UEFI specification and contributed significantly in making ACPI supported on Arm systems.

Today, UEFI and ACPI technologies are the foundation of the Arm Server Base Boot Requirements (SBBR), providing the interoperability that enables the support of multiple operating systems. Arm has contributed consistently to the UEFI SCT (Self-Certifying Test), which is now an integral part of the Arm Server Compliance Test. Making this test open and available to all the partners is Arm’s goal, while providing interoperability in its server designs, so customers can be confident that their existing applications, tools and operating systems will be compatible. Arm wants to continue extending these technologies to explore new segments, such as client, embedded and IoT spaces where such abstractions benefit the possible separation of hardware and operating system developments.

Arm’s presence at the Board of Directors provides a channel for the voices of the Arm ecosystem, with partner companies benefitting from direct access into the UEFI Forum, both to understand future direction, and to have the opportunity to influence that direction. Arm is demonstrating its involvement at the highest level in the UEFI Forum and continues to work with it to provide alignment for the industries it serves.

Joining the Board of Directors reaffirms Arm’s leadership in the UEFI Forum and our commitment to ensure the UEFI umbrella of specifications supports the Arm architecture and its evolution.

UEFI and ACPI technologies ship in a wide range of devices and sectors on Arm today. Examples include Arm-based servers, network infrastructure, cell phones, and other consumer electronics such as laser printers and scanners.

I personally will have the honor to serve on the Board of Directors again, but this time on behalf of Arm, which is a very exciting opportunity for me. As one of the founding members of the UEFI Forum, I drove the creation and adoption of the original EFI technology in 1996. I have been working with Arm as a partner on these technologies since 2008. I also spearheaded the effort to bring ACPI Specification into the UEFI Forum with wider participation and better governance, providing the foundation for ACPI to become part of the Arm server standard. I am especially proud that today, the UEFI technologies are the lingua franca of modern system software development for the data center server, storage and network systems, as well as client, embedded and IoT devices. I am also thankful for the Board’s trust in reappointing me to the Forum’s chief executive role. Together we will move UEFI technologies to new heights, supporting CCIX, Redfish and other emerging technologies.

  • Congratulations to Dong Wei and ARM team (Charles, Jeff, too many to name individually)! Your good work driving standardization will enable further innovations on top of ARM platforms. Keep it up!

  • Congratulation! We are glad to see you back to serve for the UEFI and ACPI community. In the past few years, the ARM community has built the server ecosystem through updating the specifications and implementing open source firmware code to support ARM64 architecture. ARM’s SBSA and SBBR give us useful guidance to build an ARM server with compatibilities. Jeff Underhill has major contribution by introducing UEFI in SBSA. Your significant contribution of moving ACPI to UEFI Forum is well remembered. We, Huawei’s BIOS team, are excited to start a brand new journey with ARM to support new technologies in firmware such as CCIX and Redfish.