ARM joines IMEC Insite program

This week, ARM and IMEC issued this press release announcing ARM's joining the IMEC "Logic Insite" program.

IMEC, ARM Collaborate on 7nm Design | EE Times

If you are not familiar with IMEC, this is a process technology development fab that works for the benefit of a consortium of member companies, where pre-competitive research can define possible scaling paths forward in future technology nodes.   A large number of ecosystem companies, including many ARM partners, are already IMEC members, from foundries to fabless companies to EDA companies to semiconductor equipment providers.

IMEC's Logic Insite program looks at ways to continue to scale process technologies going forward, including novel transistors, new patterning techniques such as EUV, etc.

Formally joining IMEC presents a great opportunity for ARM to work with a large number of our partners who are already members of this IMEC program, to jointly explore future technology options and how they might impact future product scaling.    IMEC membership will also allow ARM to expand relationships beyond our traditional partners to key technology providers such as the semiconductor equipment companies.   Issues faced with process scaling going forward require this full set of companies in the ecosystem, from equipment to foundry to EDA to IP.

In addition to general membership, we will be working with IMEC to help them benchmark process technology options with ARM IP type benchmarks.  This will provide valuable additional feedback regarding technology scaling opportunities, in a form that all of our partners readily understand and can incorporate into their own planning.