There's an App, Adjust Privacy & ARM TechCon

If you just joined and don't really know where to look, what to do, have a look at what you can start with.


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Today's views were more than double yesterday's with 71k+.

Of course, more users also registered today.

Yes, There's an App for That!

Have a look at Mobile App, iOS, Android - Guide to find the right app for your device.

You want a Partner space in Find a Partner?

Provided your company develops with or around ARM technology, you qualify for a partner space.

I invite you to read the How to Join the ARM Connected Community Partner Program.

You may have to be patient as visitors at the ARM TechCon 2013 booth 300 are also asking for spaces...

ProfilePrivacySettings.pngFrom ARM TechCon

Profile privacy settings

This is especially important for our lead users as the option was not available when they were invited.

Take the time to review your privacy settings. Now the community is open, you can select to show your company, expertise, name... to visitors of the site even if they are not logged in (= Everyone). Click on picture for zoom.

Tomorrow is the last day of ARM TechCon, so complete the 2-2-2 contest and claim your T-Shirt from booth 300.