Saturday Maintenance, EELive!, Single Board Computer and MicroConsult

Update on the Community

9Apr_RHS_Updates.pngFor "our comfort and safety" as the cabin crew would say, we completed a disaster recovery test last week. If our host data centre were to burn down or lose power, we should be able to get the community back up and running within a few hours.

The community will be unavailable Saturday 12th April from 10am UK Time for ~2 hours (other time zones).

Thanks to your feedback, we will roll out a few subtle changes to the community:

Social Sharing

  • I simplified some code for maintainability and Chinese users will see the Sina Weibo icon displayed first at the bottom of the content as well as on the right column. (I did say subtle changes)
  • Social media sharing buttons will be removed from non-public areas. This will make it even more obvious when content is not to be shared... That change only impacts 10% of our members. It took me a few hours to find how to implement that one.
  • Guests and non-logged in members will see the social sharing icons at the top of the right column; making it easy for visitors to promote the content you wrote!

Content Discovery

  • Similar content will also be suggested when you read blogs. Out of the box, you could only see "MORE LIKE THIS" in the right column of documents, discussions... An idea from Brad.


  • Code formatting in content: There is a problem with the software vendor standard style: if you use <pre> tag to nicely format your code snippet, it would display with extra line spaces, without mono-space font. I've made changes so the code you see in the rich text editor displays the same way when published.
  • Interface simplification: removal of a few unused menu options for community owners.
  • Disaster recovery test: from the test results I noticed a few tweaks to bring to theming, Google Analytics and the cookie pop-up code.

Next week, I will talk about numbers: who is in the community, how many users, pieces of content...

Featured Content

Every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.

Featured User

Thank you chrisshore for bringing us the Porting to ARM 64-bit white paper. Also thank you very much for helping other engineers by replying to their questions.

Featured Partner

sabinepagler updated the courses from MicroConsult. Among others they can train you on ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. MicroConsult is an ARM Approved Training Center.

Within a couple of days after updating her courses, I received an email asking for MicroConsult contact details about an STM32 course... So you should all really consider spending a few minutes refreshing your company space content once a quarter!

Tip - Follow Your Preferred Blog via RSS

You know you can follow anything and anyone in the community to receive updates, even by email if you want (How To Create/Manage a Custom Stream?).

But, if you prefer to read blogs in your RSS reader, you also can!

You will find the RSS feed link on the right column of the blog container. For instance on /groups/arm-mali-graphics/blog for the ARM Mali Graphics group.

You can easily predict the link by appending /blog/feeds/posts to the have a feed of all blog posts of the community of your choice.

Search results can also give you RSS feeds...

What Next?

Any other thing we should think of? Just tell us: Comment below, Ask, or Email.