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Update on the Community

We did have a short outage last week and I am very sorry if you lost any work during that unforeseen pitiful crash. Thankfully, our vendor started working as soon as the community started to stumble. After founding the root cause we were back up and running with a bit more headroom memory.

Featured Content

Every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.

This week kept ARM and Partners busy on two shows mostly: Embedded World and Mobile World Congress

Featured Member

This week thank you fergie for your continued support and for blogging from far, far away... You can have a glance at his activity and follow him!

Featured Partner

We welcome Wikitude and wikitude to the ARM Connected Community. Have a look at their SDK you can use to develop for Google Glass!

Tip - Use Top Navigation Links

If there are People Content or Places you often go to, in the community or elsewhere, maybe you should add them in your Links section.

They will be easily accessible from any page and you can personalise the top 10. Have a look at Links - Personal and Common to All Members

Potential use could be to make a shortcut to see all open questions in ARM Processors -> /groups/processors/content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D~objecttype~objecttype%5Bthread%5D~thread%5Bopen%5D&itemView=detail


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