Introduction to the Chinese Community, ARM's First 64-bit Development Platform, New DS-5 Development Studio Feature

Update on the Community

Do you know we have a Chinese Community here in the ARM Connected Community? Here it is 中文社区 - a place for Chinese language members to network and gain knowledge for your ARM-based projects. My name is Bin Song 宋斌, the Chinese Community Manager and I work out of the ARM office in Shanghai, China.

Chinese members are welcome to post blogs or any other technical documents in the Chinese Community - and if you ask a question in Chinese, we have many Chinese language experts ready to help you. It's not just a place for Chinese Partners though - I'd also like to extend an invite to all of our ARM Partners and encourage your Chinese technical employees to become involved in the community.

I am your Chinese contact if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you in the Chinese Community!

Featured Content
Every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.

Featured User

We have many great members in the Chinese Community. I would like to introduce wangyong, a fantastic engineer and very active in the ARM Processors Group and 中文社区. He has contributed some original blogs in Chinese Community. [原创] ARM可穿戴系统架构浅析, this blog is about the ARM wearable system architecture. I also want to say thank you to Wangyoung for being very helpful with the translation of a few English blogs so the Chinese Community can benefit from them, . [原创翻译]关于Cortex-A53需要了解首要的5件事. This is about Cortex-A53 and written by Brian Jeff.  We hope more Chinese members can join us and contribute to the Chinese Community like him!

Featured Partners

China partner Forlinx Embedded Technology, an embedded system solution provider, designs and manufactures ARM-based single board computers, CPU modules and peripherals - and they are good at commercial/industrial control solutions. There are interesting products and technological content on their partner page and they have been recently promoting an ARM Cortex-A8 based development board in China OK335xD-II Is on Promotion!!

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What Next?

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