Cookie Fix, Chinese Community and Moving Content

Update on the Community

The implementation for the cookie pop-up correction is tomorrow Thursday 12th December 8am UK time. After it is corrected, we will have to accept one last time. Please do report if the annoying message keeps popping up after Thursday lunchtime UK time. I would like to thank you for your patience.

New content keeps coming with more than 100 new pieces posted during the last week. Replies to threads are on top of this 100. Most of our visitors are from the US/GB and the second language is simplified Chinese. We have a dedicated place in the community for Chinese content: 中文社区. songbin is available for any question you have on our Chinese community.

Featured Content

Every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.

Featured User

niallcooling, the CEO of Feabhas has been answering quite a few questions in the processor section. Thank you Niall. Feabhas is an ARM Approved Training Center so if you need a training on ARM technology, ask him!

Tip - Moving Your Content - Join This Group

ContentLocationSelection_ProfvsPlaces.pngWe already explained why, unless not relevant to any place, posting content on your profile was generally not the best. But what if you clicked publish a bit too soon and posted your content in the wrong place? You can simply move it. How Can I Move My Document/Discussion/Blog? - FAQ details how with a few screenshots.

Don't forget you need to join a group before you can contribute to it. Groups have a leading purple square icon. Joining topic area groups is free and instantaneous: you will have joined as soon as you click Join this group.


If you could take some time to tell us how you think we are doing, we would be delighted to get your feedback.

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