Blog Redirects, Quick Linux Boot, User Name Selection and Help

At the end of last week, we have corrected some of the missing URL redirects. It means that the popular blogs linked from other sites will automatically show the content in this new community.

Following members' feedback, the default redirect will stop pointing to the list of blogs, but will give some explanation and an easy way to list the blogs: Blogs Redirect - ARM Systems Upgraded.

Featured Content

Every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.

Featured User

This week jblyler's blog summarizing John Cornish's IoT keynote was the most popular blog: Gambling on the Design of IoT. Follow him to be notified of his next content!

Tip of the Week - Why You Should Not Use Your Company Name as User Name?

First, I strongly encourage all members not to interact with nameless accounts or company spaces with nameless accounts. Special User Accounts, Admins - FAQs details a few reasons why. In short, they are unlikely to reply.

The community is about people and personal contact, not just content from a company. The latter would be what you get on a website.

If you wish to post some content for your company, you can get a company space. You do NOT need a company profile. Also, keep in mind that as you will ask/reply to questions, you will most likely do it "personally" as opposed to be the official message from your employer.

Finally, I feel people like to to interact with other people, so I think we will all get more by keeping it personal!

New Help Videos, Use the Community More Efficiently

bradnemire posted two new videos in Community Help: Creating an @mention and Creating and Editing Your Profile. I encourage you to read them and give us some feedback. Thanks elliestone for your help!

Would there be any other videos you would like us to do?

You are also invited to attend Tips & Tricks WebEx Training 19-Nov-2013 for All Members. Be sure to flag your interest to receive the web and phone conference details!

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