Rethinking Address Translation in the Age of Containers, Serverless Computing and Non-Volatile Memory - Josep Torrellas, University of Illinois

This talk was presented at the virtual Arm Research Summit, September 9-11, 2020. This year's event explored global technology challenges across sustainability, security, and society, and attracted delegates from around the world for three days of innovative content.

Cloud computing has begun a transformation from relying on virtual machines, to using containers and serverless computing. At the same time, the emergence of non-volatile memory and memory-hungry applications is driving an unprecedented growth in the physical memory of platforms. These trends have made virtual memory translation a major performance bottleneck in computers. Josep's talk presents a proposal to redesign the memory translation process for parallelism with Elastic Cuckoo Page Tables [asplos20]. The insight is to implement page tables with sophisticated hash tables rather than with the conventional radix tables.

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