Graphene Based Integrated Photonics for Optical Interconnect - Hannah Watson, University of Cambridge

This talk was presented at the virtual Arm Research Summit, September 9-11, 2020. This year's event explored global technology challenges across sustainability, security, and society, and attracted delegates from around the world for three days of innovative content.

Next-generation optical networks offer a solution to the unsustainable energy consumption of ultra-high-density data links that are essential for the predicted data explosion for 5G and the internet of everything. Silicon photonics technology allows electronic and photonic components to be integrated on the same wafer, promising high-bandwidth, and low-power data transmission. Hannah discusses graphene based integrated photonics and its application for short-reach and long-haul use cases and explain the different requirements and challenges for both. She presents the work on graphene-based modulators and photodetectors, and the next steps towards a system-level demonstration of a fully graphene-based optical transceiver.

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