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DS-5 community edtion :Program "make" is not found in PATH

diors Null


Thanks for your reading.I just met a problem about the compiling process in DS-5 community edition.

I created a very simple hello world program ,C project ,GCC compiler chosen ,only one main function with stdlib.h include ,only printf hello world.

When build the project ,I got a error message "Program "make" is not found in PATH"


Anyone who ever met the problem and a solution?


Thanks very much!

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    sellis Employee

    Did you install DS-5 Community Edition into your own Eclipse or did you download the full DS-5 product that includes its own Eclipse?


    If you downloaded the full DS-5 product then it comes with the make executable and Eclipse should find it automatically provided that you start Eclipse from your desktop menu or from the DS-5 bin directory.


    If you installed DS-5 plug-ins into your own Eclipse then no make executable is provided and you need to find one yourself and ensure that Eclipse can run it. You can find pre-built make executables from various sources using google. Alternatively install the full DS-5 product (http://ds.arm.com/downloads/) and copy the make executable from there. To ensure that Eclipse can locate your make executable you need to add it to the PATH environment variable or copy it to a location that is already accessible to Eclipse (such as the directory that contains your compiler).