Digital Marketing is finding new ways to connect with customers. The Internet of Things and its network connectivity is giving manufacturers a way to understand their customers. Products such as coffeepots, appliances, thermostats, medical monitors and sensors are rapidly becoming connected. There are already more connected devices worldwide than people. Analysts predict that soon there may be 100 or more connected devices per person. This growing ocean of connected products is coming to be called the “Internet of Things” (IoT).


Once they become connected, products can interact over networks. They can become touchpoints for companies to connect with their customers. Before the IoT, a product company typically has had few ways to interact with its customers. Most customers do not visit a manufacturer’s website, nor call the call center, nor tweet regarding the product. A customer might visit the website every few years, when their product wears out or breaks and they are ready to shop for a replacement. The growing interconnectedness of products, the IoT, creates such an important opportunity for companies and customers to interact, often daily.


Turn products into touchpoints — a powerful new way to understand customers. Consumers are coming to demand that marketers understand all of their daily contexts, and find ways to make their lives easier. Innovators creating these smarter products will affect how we live in the years to come. Companies need the opportunity to engage with consumers in the intimate context in which their products are used.


An example of a company helping manufacturers turn products into touchpoints is Motomic Software. Motomic created Internet of Things ThingsAnalytics (IoTA) to open customer interactions with products to analytics.


IoTA Overview-bonw600x377.jpg


IoTA helps companies understand how its customers use its products. It runs on even inexpensive processors, allowing companies that produce even inexpensive products to understand product use.


IoTA shows which features customers use, and which they don’t.  It shows how customers navigate the customer experience built into the product. Product managers use this information to decide features and improvements, what new products to offer. If customers are not using a feature as expected, then future models might eliminate that feature and lower the cost to product the product. Where usage is higher, perhaps more can be done to improve those features. By moving the customer to the center, companies better understand their needs and help improve operation, support and repair. The objective is to improve the consumer’s overall experience, build a closer relationship with the brand and cut support costs.


Motomic's IoTA is available through the Embedded Software Store (ESS). The ESS is ARM and Avnet's one-stop, e-commerce website for the software components that will get you to market faster.


Whether to accelerate your beta and field testing or for ongoing interactions, Motomic's IoTA has everything that you need to begin understanding how your customers use your product.  

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