How to Join the ARM Connected Community Partner Program (For Company Space)

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The ARM Connected Community is a global network of more than 1,000 companies aligned to provide a complete solution, from design to manufacture and end use, for products based on the ARM architecture.  ARM offers a variety of resources to Community members, including promotional programs, social media, and industry and networking opportunities that enable a variety of ARM Partners to come together to provide end-to-end customer solutions.


Complementing the existing program, the ARM Connected Community (CC) interactive platform is the place that makes it easier for developers to find information for ARM-based designs, applications and projects. It is an interactive platform for all end users, media and partners of the ecosystem. Please join the conversation!


Who is eligible to become an ARM CC Company Partner?


Membership in the Connected Community is open to any company with a product that uses or complements ARM technology, or with a solution that helps in any stage of the design process for ARM Powered devices. Download the ARM Connected Community flyer to know more details about who are the current members.



Benefits of being as CC Partner


We welcome Partners to enjoy many of the benefits:

Largest Industry Ecosystem with 1,000+ Partner Companies

  • Network with ARM-based semiconductor, OEM, software developers.
  • Exclusive chance to present and exhibit at ARM TechCon and ARM Technical Symposia


FREE ARM Channels for Partner Promotion

  • ARM promotion of Partner news, whitepapers, exhibition and demos at events through tweets, blogs, flyers and media alerts
  • Partners featured in ARM Powered® products on ARM website, posters and presentations at events
  • Partner PR to announce CC membership and new products with ARM quote


Excellent Exposure with ARM Social Media Tools


Efficient Business Generation Tools

  • An interactive, online platform that enables engineer-to-engineer engagement, more relevant content and a community supported directly by ARM
  • The new community also includes industry trends, news, technical blogs, forums, videos, events, and ARM product resource documents
  • New capabilities for hosting Partner products and services in one location for our entire global audience
  • One space location for specifically designed for the Chinese developer audience to view native language documents and create discussion
  • Your own personal profile that makes it easier for users to search and follow their peers with similar interests, content, and products.


Simple Steps to Join!


In order to begin creating your company profile, please provide the following to us via Email: (no need to register first)

  • Signed agreement. – You may agree via email
  • High-res Company Logo (EPS or 300dpi, or JPEG not less than 10cm width)
  • Company Information
    • A company profile description (i.e. on your profile page)
    • Main office / HQ (Company Name, Address, Post Code, Country, Tel, Fax)
    • Contact person – Admin for the profile page (Name, Job Title, Tel, Email). If you haven’t, please register as a user on the community .
    • Company Website link (and social media links)
    • How your products relate with ARM? Please select the main tags from this list.

Note: Partners will need to provide at least one product information after we set up the space for you (a product that uses or complements ARM technology, or with a solution that helps in any stage of the design process for ARM Powered devices)


What Happens Next?


Once we receive the above required information:


  • Your company Space will be set up
  • The company administrator will receive a confirmation email with user manual
  • A WebEx training can be set up if requested
  • Company administrator will populate your product descriptions, upload your documents, videos, and set up your space
  • Each product can have its own description, images and/ or links


Lastly, we look forward to hearing from you!