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Prostate Cancer is the number one form of male cancer in over 80 countries worldwide. During 'Movember' (the month formerly known as November) participants are challenged to grow a magnificent 'Mo' (moustache) masterpiece to raise funds and spark conversations for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. ARM would like to invite our entire ARM Connected Community ecosystem of developers and partners to join the Team #HairyARM initiative. If you would like to partake in this month long journey with us, register and join on the HairyARM team page.


Here are the rules:

  1. No head starts! Ensure you have a clean shaven face on November 1st.
  2. For all of November, each 'Mo Bro' must grow and groom their beautiful mustache.
  3. Don't fake it. No beards, no goatees, no fake mustaches.
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  5. Each 'Mo Bro' must conduct themselves like a true gentleman.


Thank you in advance for supporting Team HairyARM, I look forward to seeing all of your 'Mo' masterpiece photos throughout Movember.


Need some inspiration? Here are some styles for motivation. Brian Fuller, the 'Abracadabra' has your name all over it, John Heinlein, the 'Connoisseur' is right up your alley.

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Hey Guys,


Find below some highlights from this week's ARM news. Stories include:

  • Gabe Moretti from Chip Design Magazine reports on the ARM Cortex-M7 MCU.
  • Many reporters including Ben Fox Rubin from CNET report ARM has introduced a new suite of integrated Mali IP for mobile devices.
  • Several reporters including Agam Shah from IDG News continue to report on ARM’s latest Mali technology.
  • Charlie Osborne from ZDNet reports ARM unveiled the ARM Embedded Education Kit for university students to learn embedded systems design and programming.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Tom Stevens

ARM News Scan 22/10

Posted by Tom Stevens Oct 22, 2014

Hi all,


Below please find today’s relevant news. Today’s highlights include:


  • Rick Merritt from EE Times reports ARM will detail two new members of its cache-coherent, on-chip interconnect family at the Linley Tech Processor Conference today, the midrange CoreLink CCN-502 and the high-end CoreLink CCN-512.


  • Richard Wilson from Electronics Weekly reports Green Hills Software announced the availability of its development tool suite and μ-velOSity RTOS for the ARM Cortex-M7 CPU, noting ARM’s Hobson Bullman said the tool chain “will assist in the creation of products across a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.”

Every fall/autumn that point when you realize the holiday season has started seems to come earlier and this year is no exception, already the department store Macy's has broken ranks on the infamous "Black Friday" by announcing they will open at 6pm on Thanksgiving here in the US (Pumpkin Thursday?).  So as the gift buying stampede starts we wondered what will be the hot tech gifts this year and which one do you crave? (thanks for the idea Alban Rampon).  Holiday gifts to me should be something a little frivolous, something you probably wouldn't buy for yourself  but if you drop enough hints you might get one.  Right now there a lot of incredible new mobile and audio products coming to market based on ARM products but I'm very likely to buy them anyway so they don't fit my criteria (but might yours).  So here is my top pick that I am willing to accept as a gift and yes. I am making sure my family reads this!


As a kid I loved model planes and have very fond (?) memories of hours spent looking for the wayward plane and then repairing it but today's kid has access to drones and I'm jealous and want one!  My pick would be the 3DRobotics IRIS+ not just because I saw it fly onstage at ARM TechCon this month but because its open source and built to be hacked and improved.






It runs on an ARM Cortex-M4, has a neat GoPro mount so you can capture flight action and it has a flight protection feature so if it travels out of range it will go home on its own.  That was technology I didn't even dream of as a 12 year old combing the cornfields of Yorkshire looking for my lost and broken balsa wood model.  Check out their cool video and the follow me feature:



So there you have my top ARM based tech gift and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, what would you choose?      

An interesting article in the New Electronics yesterday by David Boothroyd explored the idea of designing chips with a huge number of cores on one piece of silicon, and how ARM's big.LITTLE technology is already building on one way of doing this. Read more in his article: How will engineers approach the challenge of designing chips with hundreds – maybe thousands – of cores?

If you haven't heard of Y Combinator its an incubator for early stage startups and has had an incredible track record.  If you are a budding entrepreneur you can apply to join their latest "class" and they fund you at a very basic level  ($120k to 68 companies in the last round) but the real benefit is the access to very experienced Internet entrepreneurs who know the ropes.  Remarkably they have just started (on Sept 23) an online class taught at Stanford you can watch for free.  Its 20 video's over the next few months and the presenters are not just the principals of Y Combinator but genuine stars of the Internet boom,  names like Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman.  Its all here and if you are even remotely interested in the phenomenon of how startups are born this is a must watch.  Since this is an ARM blog we will be looking at some of the Y Combinator hardware startups over the next few weeks to see how they brought their products to market and what they learned.  If you know anyone who has participated in Y Combinator or have bought or used one of the resulting products please comment and let us know.  Enjoy!

Hi All,

Please find a weekly summary of ARM news:

  • On a Storify post, ARM shares a Twitterview between ARM’s Simon Segars and CNET’s Ben Rubin.
  • Several reporters including Neel Patel from IEEE Spectrum continue to report on ARM’s mbed news, writing, “ARM is looking to consolidate those devices [in the IoT market] under a single software layer that's simple, secure and free for all manufacturers to use.”
  • In an interview at ARM TechCon, Tarinder Sandhu from HEXUS and ARM’s Ian Drew discuss mbed, ARM-based servers and the opportunities facing ARM in the next few years.
  • An article on RTT News reports ARM has announced the appointment of John Liu to its board of directors as an independent non-executive director.



Last week at ARM TechCon I was touched by UNICEF's Erica Kochi and her keynote on how mobile technology could change the lives of billions of children in emerging countries, you can read my blog Drones, kids, tiny transistors and the IoT, what I learned at TechCon 2014.  But as engineers and technologists, it's easy to be skeptical about what is really being done about these problems, so when I heard about the next XPRIZE challenge I got fired up.


Since I drive around the Bay Area quite a bit I have become a podcast aficionado and its opened up a whole new world of content and thinking for me that has been a surprise. One of the best recent surprises has been a blog by Tim Ferriss who you may know as a sort of productivity wunderkind with his four-hour work week book. His blog is at the fourhourworkweek.com and this week his two guests were Peter Diamandis and Tony Robbins who may seem to be an odd pairing but it's well worth a listen because they talked about thinking big to try to solve the world's biggest problems and they were both passionate about the impact education had on them and what it might do for the our planet.


Many of you will have heard of the XPRIZE series and like me are following the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder challenge which is now down to the ten finalists, but the newly launched Global Learning XPRIZE is amazing. The concept is simple, better education results in a more peaceful and productive world, but how do we educate billions of kids in the emerging world? This XPRIZE is a massive social experiment where a number of villages in sub-Saharan Africa will be given tablets so local teachers can accelerate education and learning. The key of course will be the software, and that's the challenge for the entrants - write the very best, educational software for tablets and win $15 million. So if you think you know how to do this then pull together a team and enter. If you think it's a noble challenge and want to help you can donate (I did) and get involved along the way. Go and check out the Global Learning XPRIZE challenge and you can donate via Indiegogo.


Can technology be the solution to some of the world's problems? There's only one way to find out, go and enter or donate - you can make a difference!


The beauty of attending live events comes from the serendipity of bumping into friends, meeting new people and being exposed to genuinely new ideas; last week’s TechCon didn't disappoint. TechCon is in its 10th year and with hundreds of sessions, 90 exhibitors and thousands of attendees there was a lot to see and even more to think about.  I have distilled my impressions and thoughts into what I saw as the two major themes of this year’s event, in technology it was going from the very, very small (FinFET's) to the very large (the IoT) and in the broader world it is the rapid growth of robotics and the societal impact of mobile technology on children in the developing world.


Starting with the very small, TSMC announced its roadmap to 10nm FinFET technology with ARM big.LITTLE processors.  Now that's quite a sentence even for those of you involved in semiconductor technology and just understanding the FinFET itself is complex but luckily Leah Schuth produced a short video that  explains what a FinFET is here.  TSMC is an ARM foundry partner and a leader in delivering ever smaller transistors that make up semiconductor devices and is pointing the way down to a 10nm process.  So how small is a nano-meter in simple terms?  It’s so small that your fingernails grow a nano-meter per second!  Also for the uninitiated the ARM big.LITTLE processor concept uses 2 processors sitting side by side which break up tasks by their complexity and need for power so a simple task which only needs a small amount of processing is done on the "LITTLE" and a task like graphics get all the processing of the "big" core.  In lay terms this thinking is "don't use a sledgehammer to crack a nut" or use the right tool for the job. Putting all this back together it means that trend for smaller, cheaper and less power hungry chips continues unabated and that is huge.


Looking at the very large, the ARM mbedOS announcement was to me one of the most significant steps forward in making the internet of things (IoT) a reality.  I have been thinking and writing about the IoT since May of 2013 when it was arguably "pre-hype" and the interest and debate about the IoT grows every day.  In a future blog I will show you why it isn't hype but a logical progression of technology adoption that goes all the way back to the invention of the transistor but in its current stage of development there is a lot of IoT confusion and uncertainty that needs to be addressed.  I think the mbed IoT platform is a major leap forward for the IoT in that is brings together many of the disparate building blocks of a workable IoT system so that developers can get real products to market.  Here is a simple block diagram about the announcement and how it works:

ARM mbed IoT device platform



The mbed ecosystem is built on work at ARM going back to 2006 and its going to continue to grow and as literally billions of devices is going to be connected to the web.  Watch for more developments and news right here on the ARM Connected Community (you can register for free on the top right hand corner of this page).


So we have gone from the very small to the very large in our tech obsessed world (speaking about myself but I'm not alone!) but it’s important we ground ourselves in the real world beyond technology and at TechCon we saw 2 keynotes that showed the impact we tech folks are having or could make on our planet.  Chris Anderson the former editor in chief of Wired magazine, author of the seminal "The Long Tail" and now CEO of 3DRobotics talked drones and was brave enough to do a live demo of the IRIS+ drone (it crashed, benignly).  One key takeaway for me was what he called the "peace dividend" of the Smartphone wars:

Peace dividend.jpg


His point is that the race for better mobile devices is enabling a whole new generation of products that take advantage of the very trend I opened with (FinFET's and processors) and whether you believe in the IoT or not there are trends at work that will change some industries forever.  3D printers alone will disrupt manufacturing and prototyping forever and we are only just beginning to see the impact they will have.  Drones have become controversial recently not just because of their use in conflicts but how they may violate our privacy and even aircraft safety.  My take is that drones will impact us in ways we don't yet understand but unless a major breakthrough occurs in battery technology it will take longer than we think.  Feel free to pitch in on drones in the comments section below.


Many of us in the US equate UNICEF with the orange Halloween money boxes kids bring home from school at this time of year.  My daughters always had them and the idea is that instead of doling out pounds of Halloween candy to kids who really don't need it, we drop a few coins into the box for children around the world who don't have enough to eat. Erica Kochi of UNICEF presented at TechCon and it was sobering to hear her talk about things like 1 in 3 children in the world have no identity meaning they can't grow up to own property which is the basic right of a citizen.  She also showed some startling statistics on the next top cities in the world which will reach 10 million inhabitants by 2020 and quite honestly I hadn't heard of half of them.  This rapid growth in the size of cities where the infrastructure is poorly developed drives the need for even more mobile devices not just for communication but also trade.  She was very clear however that when western developers have tried in all good intention to design products for emerging markets they have failed because there are deep rooted cultural and infrastructure problems we simply don't face, even something as simple as charging a phone.  She closed with a challenge to all of us in tech to think about emerging markets and the mass of people in the world we should be serving if we are going to live on this planet in harmony.  Check out the UNICEF innovation site and see the incredibly inventive ways that emerging markets uses technology.


Wrapping up I came away from TechCon even more certain about the impact the IoT will have on our world and despite widespread skepticism I think we will see real advances by next year’s event.  What do you think?




It's great to be back at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley to be able to attend the ARM TechCon, now in its 10th year.


What a ten years it's been I can tell you. I remember attending the first one back in 2004, and the ARM world was a certainly a different place; the Cortex-A family was still in development and hadn't been announced to the world and the Cortex-M3 was the newcomer to the MCU market - things were certainly going to change in that market!


This week we've seen a significant announcement from the ARM mbed team that looks to be a game changer. Last week we saw the launch of the Cortex-M7 processor (a product I'm proud to say I was involved in the product definition for) which extends, and some might say supercharges the MCU world. On Monday HP announced '... two ARM®-based servers, including the first enterprise-class 64-bit ARM-based server, for customers that value choice in their compute strategy', ARM also announced both TÜV SÜD certification of the industry-standard ARM Compiler for safety-related software development and support for the ARM® High-Speed Serial Trace Port (HSSTP) specification and the Marvell® SETM protocol in ARM DS software development tools, and we're still only on day one!


We've also seen announcements from a number of the tools ecosystem partners announcing new products and extended product support at the show including


Take a look at what Simon Segars, CEO of ARM had to say about the show.



Coming back to the mbed news, I chatted with Kris Flautner, Deputy General Manager, IoTBU , about the significance of the announcement, what it meant of the 70,000+ mbed developers already out there and about the timing of the enhancements being made to the mbed strategy.



Freescale had lots of cool stuff on the show floor again this year, they are certainly driving things in the IoT arena especially by driving a whole trailer onto the show floor ! Take a look at a tour of the bus here with the  Internet of Tomorrow tour

I caught up with Steven Tateosian, Global Marketing Manager at Freescale and we discussed the new Cortex-M7 processor and how it will fit into and expand the Kinetis MCU family.



Staying on the subject of the Cortex-M7, I also chatted with Renaud Bouzereau, STM32 High Performance MCU Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics about the latest member of the STM32 family, the STM32 F7.



Dominic Pajak met with Patrick Sullivan VP of Atmel to chat about the newly introduced ARM Cortex-M7. Pat talked about how the Cortex-M7 will be used in lots of IoT areas including Network, mid range wearable and healthcare applications.



I spoke with Alaa Yousif, Enterprise System Strategist of Dell about the storage focus of the Dell server portfolio.



There's a new member of the ARM tools ecosystem this year at the show. Dave Edwards Founder & CEO/CTO of SOMNIUM Technologies about SOMNIUM DRT, a complete software development environment for ARM Cortex-M embedded systems. More details and to register for the beta can be found at http://www.somniumtech.com/



Susan Blocher, Product Management VP of HP talks about the two new Moonshot programs including the first 64-bit ARM processor based server.


Cavium talks about ThunderX product family which is the best performing 64-bit ARMv8 Workload Optimized Server for next generation Data Center and Cloud, offering unprecedented level of integration and industry leading SoC performance.



Kelvin Low, Senior Director, Foundry Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor Inc. talks with Ron Moore of ARM about the power efficient 14nm FinFET technology.


More videos will be posted throughout the show - take a look at the ARM TechCon 2014 ARMFlix playlist for the latest updates.



Hi All,

Coverage of TechCon continues to center largely on ARM’s mbed news. The majority of coverage has been positive, with several reporters noting mbed facilitates device deployment for IoT developers. Amy Thomson and Ian King from Bloomberg Businessweek note ARM’s Krisztian Flautner stated, “While everyone is talking about the Internet of things, it’s quite difficult to design these devices well and make them manageable and easy to deploy…[With the new software] developers can focus on development and not the means of getting it done.” Similarly, Nicole Lee from Engadget writes, “…development of new IoT technologies can be slow, due in part to the multiple different protocols in existence today and how tiresome it is to create an ecosystem from scratch. That could soon come to an end, however, thanks to ARM.”


Many reporters have also noted mbed OS may help companies make better use of data. James Niccolai from IDG News writes, “mbed OS might be installed in streetlights in a city, providing a way to collect data about how many pedestrians pass by and when the lights need to be on or off, to help save save electricity.” Likewise, Chris Williams from The Register notes, “High-level server-side software can request data from a sensor that may be sleeping to save energy, and eventually the information is received when the device is woken up, all of which is transparent to the high-level app. This simplifies the top level of the stack, which helps people write and release code to users a bit faster.”

So it’s the 10th year for ARM® TechCon.  Hard to believe.  How many have you been to?  This will be my 9th year.  (Our son was born the week TClogo.pngbefore TechCon so I feel like I should get credit.  I did do plenty of work for it before I went on early maternity leave.)  This afternoon I thought I’d do a quick status update on the TechCon news that I have seen.  Well when I saw just how many blogs there are with details of activities, I realized that I couldn’t fit them in a status update.  When you take a gander at all of the blogs below, I think that you’ll agree that this could be the best and busiest TechCon yet.


My favorite:

Wearable Fitness Step Challenge Returns for ARM TechCon 2014 by Brad Nemire

(Now this is one of the events I am looking forward to the most.  The smack talk has begun.  Check out the first video by Adam Kerin.  The second video from STMicroelectronics is, well, intimidating!  The phrase 'amateurs vs. professionals' come to mind.  5x others - now that is a challenge.  I've heard rumors of more to come...)

(update) Not to be out done, John Heinlein has added his own video

(update) Well the competition was even more spirited than at DAC.  So Adam Kerin from Qualcomm (pictured below in front of the ocean) won day one with over 50,000 steps!   Dave Tokic from Xilinx won Day 2 and Alec Bath from STMicroelectronics won the overall.  I thought it was so cool to have 3 different winners.  Well earned for sure.

Don't miss the final video with Adam Kerin, Brian Fuller and Sean O'Kane.  Very funny!



ARM events:

ARM AAE training at ARM TechCon 2014 by Dave Lakin


Software Developers Workshop

Presentations from ARM TechCon 2014 Software Developers Workshop by Matthew Du Puy

ARM TechCon 2014 Software Developers Workshop Sneak Peek by Carissa Labriola

ARM TechCon Software Developer Workshop: Peripheral Code by Carissa Labriola

ARM TechCon 2014 -- Software Developer Workshop discussion by Matthew Du Puy


New System IP tooling preview at ARM TechCon! by William Orme


ARM announcements and in the news (new section):

Before ARM TechCon:

PayPal, HP and TI create "Order out of Chaos" by Lakshmi Mandyam

Meet the new ARM Cortex-M7 processor: supercharging embedded devices by Bee Hayes-Thakore and Thomas Ensergueix

Atmel blog ARM unveils 32-bit Cortex-M7 processor for the Internet of Things

Freescale blog The Embedded Beat: The new ARM® Cortex®-M7 | Freescale Community

STMicroelectronics Accelerates MCU-Developers’ Pace of Innovation with World’s First ARM Cortex-M7 Core-Based STM32 F7 Series MCU. 
     ST also wrote a blog with a video STM32 F7: 1st to market Cortex-M7 based 32-bit MCU

No more Places, Cortex-M7, ARM TechCon, Shellshock & Comment by Email by Alban Rampon

big.LITTLE MP Improves Your Daily Mobile Experience (Part 1) by Govind Wathan

Xilinx Showcases All Programmable Solutions for Smarter Systems at ARM TechCon 2014

Green Hills Software to Present and Exhibit at ARM TechCon 2014 in Santa Clara, CA

Open Silicon Shows Breadth of ASIC Solutions at ARM TechCon 2014

Uniquify Will Demonstrate Fastest DDR4 Memory IP at ARM TechCon

Carbon Design Systems to Exhibit at ARM TechCon, Showcasing New Carbon System Exchange Web Portal
Making nextgen embedded ARM designs more energy efficient by Embedded.com reviewed the 'Power Efficient' track at ARM TechCon. Jay Bolton of Sunrise Micro Devices and David Flynn of ARM presented a class on "Efficient Sub-Volt IP Designs for IoT Applications," that described the work the two companies are putting into an a low-voltage, power-efficient Hard Macro IP solution specifically tailored to extreme low-power requirements of much of the IoT market.

Nearly 30 ARM TechCon Blogs, ARM Cortex-M7 is Here, New Wearable Whitepapers by Brad Nemire


Mon Sept 29th and Sept 30th

HP Extends Benefits of ARM Architecture into the Datacenter with New Servers

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC) and ARM set new Benchmarks for Performance and Power Efficiency with First Announced FinFET Silicon with 64-bit ARM big.LITTLE Technology

IoTT-Truck-Mountains.jpgTelecom Industry and Vendors Unite to Build Common Open Platform to Accelerate Network Functions Virtualization

Freescale Helps Drive the Internet of Things Forward at ARM TechCon 2014

ARM Announces Debug Probe for High-Speed Serial Trace

ARM Enhances Safety-Related Tools Offering with TÜV Certification for the ARM Compiler

ARM and Cadence Expand Collaboration for IoT and Wearable Device Applications Targeting TSMC's Ultra-Low Power Technology Platform

ARM and Synopsys Expand Collaboration to Improve Quality of Results and Time-to-Results for Leading-Edge ARMv8-A and ARMv7-A Cores

Heterogeneous Multiprocessing Gets a Boost with the New OpenCL for NEON Driver by Steve Steele


Oct 1

ARM Announces Device Platform and Free OS to Accelerate Internet of Things Deployment
New ARM Implementation Solutions Reduce Time to Market for FinFET Designs

Atmel Announces ARM Cortex-A5-based MPUs Optimized for 720p Video Playback and Advanced Security Functions

Atmel teams with ARM on IoT Development Platform (blog)

Day 1 of TechCon 2014 with Simon Segars, Atmel MCUs, Freescale Kinetis, STMicroelectronics STM32 F7, HP Moonshot, Dell storage servers, Somnium DRT and so much more by Andy Frame (@andyframe_ARM)

Express Logic Develops X-Ware Platform™ to Fast-Track ARM-Based IoT Development

AppliedMicro Launches 64-Bit ARM-Based Custom Cores for High End Embedded

ARM TechCon 2014 Selects Best-in-Show Winners in Five Categories.  Congrats to AMD, Aplied Micro, Aricent, STMicroelectronics, wot.io!

Green Hills Software Announces Support for ARM Cortex-M7 Core

Oct 2

ARM and TSMC Unveil Roadmap for 64-bit ARM-based Processors on 10FinFET Process Technology

Atmel Samples New Family of High-performance ARM Cortex-M7-based MCUs Enabling Next-Generation IoT, Industrial and Automotive Applications

Nice coverage in EE Times from the Cortex-M7 TechCon session and panel with Atmel, Freescale and ST

Mali at Techcon 2014 by Tim Hartley

Spansion Expands Traveo™ Family for Automotive with HMI Technologies and Embedded 3D Graphics Engine


Oct 3

SemiWiki coverage of Samsung Foundry, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and ARM panel

IPSO Smart Objects: Data Interoperability for the Internet of Things by Michael Koster

ARM TechCon 2014 Tools Roundup by Joe Alderson


Oct 6

What System IP are you wearing? by Andy Nightingale

Drones, kids, tiny transistors and the IoT, what I learned at TechCon 2014 by David Blaza


Videos (new section)

Don't miss out on all the videos from the ARMFlix crew and

videos from Hexus.net

Freescale recorded several videos from their Internet of Tomorrow Tour including our CEO Simon Segars' interview about the tour.  See what the buzz is all about.

ChipEstimate.com videos including John Heinlein's view on Day One and Day Two

Partner activities:

Post ARM TechCon

Blog: Video: Pat Sullivan talks ARM Cortex-M7 at ARM TechCon by Atmel

Blog: Video: Atmel talks about the newly-announced SAMA5D4 series

Blog: Video: Atmel showcases the WINC1500 wireless module at ARM TechCon

Freescale’s Vision for the new ARM Cortex-M7 by Freescale

ARM TechCon 2014- smart, fun, and growing by Paul Rako of Atmel

Oct 3

ARM TechCon; the story so far... by Niall Cooling of Feabhas

Plenty of New Toys from Segger, IAR and Micrium at ARM TechCon this Week! by Mark Saunders

Oct 2

ARM TechCon 2014: All Things ARM-based Automotive by Linda Goncalves of Spansion

Oct 1

Infinite IP cores, infinite possibilities @ ARM TechCon 2014 by Aharon Etengoff

Accelerating the Time to Point of Interest by 50X Using Cadence Palladium Platform with ARM Fast Models by Frank Schirrmeister

Before TechCon

ARM TechCon 2014 - The big reveal by Daniel O'Hara of SOMNIUM Technologies

Tons of technical sessions on Synopsys solutions at ARM TechCon 2014 by Phil Dworsky Synopsys (a wearable fitness step challenge competitor)

Getting a Glimpse at the Future Early – Cadence & ARM at ARM TechCon 2014! by Frank Schirrmeister

What Not to Miss at ARM TechCon 2014 by Brian Fuller of Cadence Design Systems (a wearable fitness step challenge competitor)


Getting Ready for ARM Techcon 2014 by Jason Andrews of Carbon Design Systems

ARM TechCon - See you there? by Colin Walls of Mentor Graphics Corporation


Did I miss anyone’s TechCon news?  Please let me know!  I’ll update this blog with more news as I see it.  Don’t forget to follow the Twitter news with #ARMTechCon.


Internet of Things Embedded


So my annual regret at TechCon is how much I miss out on.  I’m already triple-booked at some times. Yet, I always get so much out of what I do see.


Please let me know what you are looking forward to and what your favorite part was!


This year is the10th amazing year of ARM TechCon, where some of the 'Most Influential People in the World' will unite, and we’re celebrating the forward-thinking spirit of the ARM Powered® consumer and ARM embedded innovations. As the future promises a continually evolving lifestyle based on interconnectivity, the ARM architecture and its extensive Ecosystem Partners are igniting rapid innovation in every aspect of life and business. The core of that innovation is connected intelligence, and ARM is its premier design platform. ARM TechCon 2014 takes place October 1 – 3 at the Santa Clara Convention Center and connect with more than 4,000 attendees from the ARM community and share your intelligence.

Another ARM Step Challenge returns (#ARMStepChallenge) at ARM TechCon 2014 with 18 Partners and 21 participants. You may find number of videos and blogs, the pre-training is fierce, but more importantly is the spirit of ARM CC Partners joining the contest, and the joy of the competition!

Some partners blogs broadcast their highlighted events, thoughts, and news, getting ready for TechCon 2014 (companies are in alphabet order):

Independent bloggers




Jama Software








Blogs by ARM


For more information please visit  ARM® TechCon™ 2014 and you can follow more information via ARM Social Media (#ARMTechCon). Hope you will enjoy the show, we look forward seeing you there!



Forecasting the semiconductor market is always risky,  I remember reading an article in Forbes or Wired a few years ago slamming the SIA for being wildly off in their forecasts but I suppose someone has to do it.  The recent forecast of 2014 actuals and 2015 projected fab spending by SEMI is probably fairly accurate since we are dealing with a well known and defined market.  The forecast is here http://www.semi.org/en/node/51311 but I nicked this chart to give you some flavor:

Fab Equipment chart 1


I bring this to your attention because all the forecasts of internet of things (iot) growth  go way up and to the right but we know that those chips need to be built and if there is constrained capacity it won't happen as fast as Gartner says it will. Also important is 90% of this spending is for 300mm wafers, again adding capacity as 200mm wafer production is upgraded (depending upon the die size a move to 300mm can more than double the number of chips per wafer).


In the world of engineering it pays to be a sceptic and take a hard look at the data but this seems like supporting evidence for the next growth spurt in Semi's at least in terms of supply side capacity.  Does anyone want to take a guess at how the demand side will go?

TechCon Header.jpg


Yes, there will be a few of TIME Magazine's 'Most Influential People in the World' Honorees presenting keynotes at this year's ARM TechCon, but on my (short) list, the ARM ecosystem is indeed some of the largest influencers in the World.


This year marks the 10 year anniversary of ARM TechCon, October 1-3 in Santa Clara, California, which will provide a unique opportunity for you to learn about technology solutions and innovations, identify cutting-edge technologies, and evaluate products side-by-side to help you optimize your designs and accelerate your time-to-market launches.

Here's a quick snapshot of what you should look forward to and a few special promo codes for FREE and discounted passes.

Keynote Speakers

We're excited to announce the lineup of Keynote Speakers from ARM and industry experts.

Wednesday, October 1: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

"The ARM Roadmap - 2014 and Beyond"


Mike Muller, ARM CTO

Mike Muller was appointed chief technology officer in October 2000 and joined the board of directors in 2001.


Muller was one of the founding members of ARM and has extensive knowledge within marketing and business development, having worked as vice president for both divisions at ARM.


Before joining ARM, Mike worked for Orbis Computers and had the responsibility for hardware strategy and development of portable products at Acorn Computers.


In July 2012, he became director of Intelligent Energy Holdings PLC and Infinite Energy, Inc.







Pete Hutton, ARM Executive VP and President Products Group

Pete was appointed executive vice president and president of product groups in January 2014.


He is a member of the ARM executive committee and is responsible for the development and delivery of ARM’s main business lines including: ARM processors, graphics, video and display technology, system IP, development tools, partner enablement, ARM Artisan physical IP and the ARM architecture.


Pete joined ARM in 2008 and has held senior positions within the processor and media processing divisions.


Prior to ARM, Pete ran corporate engineering for Wolfson Microelectronics, he was also general manager for processors at ARC International and a group director for Cadence Design Systems where he implemented a large number of ARM based designs.





Wednesday, October 1: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

"Infrastructure Reimagined: Winners and Losers"

TechCon panel.jpg

Panelist: Robert Hormuth, Dell Senior Distinguished Engineer

Panelist: Benjamin Wesson, Oracle VP, IoT Product Management

Panelist: Pere Monclus, Founder and CTO, PlumGrid

Panelist: Masood Ul Amin, AVP Technology, Aricent

Moderator: Ian Ferguson, VP, Segment Marketing, ARM


While many have focused on the requirements for the next generation of “shiny” consumer devices, there are some massive disruptive forces that are changing the nature of the infrastructure equipment that delivers this rich content. These include:

  • Changes to the value chain: Google delivering fiber services to cities across America, the emergence of powerful companies that use servers as the revenue generating asset with different requirements than traditional enterprises
  • An increased shift towards software implementations and indeed deployment of open source software
  • The realization (as opposed to the promise) of new processing, storage, and networking technologies


History has taught us that market disruptions create challenges and opportunities. This panel, which will feature distinguished speakers from companies that represent different points of the value chain, will share perspectives as to how this market will evolve over the coming five years and which types of companies will be best positioned to capitalize on these new opportunities.



Thursday, October 2: 9:30 am - 10:20 am

"CEO Keynote and Strategic Direction"


Simon Segars, ARM CEO

Simon Segars was appointed chief executive officer in July 2013. He was previously ARM’s president.


He joined ARM in 1991 and became a member of the Board in 2005. His previous roles at ARM have included being executive vice president of the processor and physical IP divisions. Segars also held the role of executive vice president within the departments of engineering, worldwide sales and business development.


Simon was instrumental in the development of early ARM CPU products such as the ARM7 and ARM9 families. Simon holds numerous patents in the field of embedded CPU architectures.







Thursday, October 2: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

"Technology Innovation for Social Good"


Erica Kochi, UNICEF Innovation Officer

Erica co-founded and co-leads UNICEF’s Innovation Unit, a group tasked with identifying, prototyping and scaling technologies and practices that improve UNICEF’s work on the ground. She also serves as Senior Innovation Advisor to UNICEF’s Executive Director. The Innovation Unit supports UNICEF’s 135 country programmes in the practical application of design and technology to strengthen international development outcomes.


UNICEF Innovation has recognized success in innovative design of international development solutions. Erica was named to the TIME 100 'World’s Most Influential People' List in 2013. Other examples of this work include the Digital Drum, recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the Top 50 inventions of 2011, and gold and silver International Design Excellence (IDSA) Awards.







Friday, October 3: 9:30 am - 10:20 am

"Maker to Mass Market: Drones, Robotics, and the Next Industrial Revolution"



Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics CEO and Author of "The Long Tail" and "Makers: The New Industrial Revolution"


Chris is the CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones. From 2001 through 2012, he was the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine. Before Wired he was with The Economist for seven years in London, Hong Kong, and New York.

Anderson is the author of the New York Times bestselling books “The Long Tail” and “Free” as well as the new “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.”


Awards include: Editor of the Year by Ad Age (2005). Named to the TIME 100 'World’s Most Influential People' List in 2007. Loeb Award for 'Business Book of the Year' (2007). Wired named 'Magazine of the Decade' by AdWeek for his tenure (2009). TIME Magazine’s 'Tech 40 - The Most Influential Minds In Technology' (2013). Foreign Policy Magazine’s 'Top 100 Global Thinkers' (2013).



Software Developers Workshop - October 1st and 2nd

Nordic mbed.jpgDon’t miss the Code Jam at the end of the Software Developers Workshop where IoT and Android developers will work on a project, using Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51822-mKIT mbed-based development platform for rapid prototyping of Bluetooth Smart designs, that sends data from the board to a gateway and into the cloud. Experts from Nordic Semiconductor, ARM and Dr. Dobb's will present technical sessions in the morning and hands-on sessions in the afternoon to prep developers for their code jam project.

Click here to view the complete schedule.

Interested in attending? Comment below and I'll send you a promo code that will waive the registration fee ($199 value).



ARM mbed Zone at Booth #900 - NEW this year!

aqflnwCM.pngWe are excited to feature the new ARM mbed Zone, highlighting the breadth of our Internet of Things (IoT) products including new mbed software using low-power ARM Cortex-M processors, and connectivity solutions integrated into mbed including Bluetooth Low Energy, Ethernet, GPS, Wi-Fi and 6LoWPAN. Join ARM's mbed engineering experts demonstrating our end-to-end embedded to cloud suite of products, and product management solutions - from manufacturing to end-of-life. Be sure to ask about ARM's participation in the new Thread standard, and please join our ecosystem partners who will also be on hand in booth #900 to showcase ARM technology innovation. Connect and collaborate with us in the ARM mbed Zone - all you need is an Expo Pass!



Exhibitor List - Over 90 ARM Partners (31 new exhibitors in 2014!)


The ARM TechCon Expo floor is open on Wednesday, October 1, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Thursday, October 2, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. See what's new, learn what's cutting edge and identify technology must-haves for your business. Evaluate products side-by-side and learn about innovations from ARM partners that will help you drive revenue and improve efficiencies.


View the complete list of ARM partners with booths on the exhibit floor.


Register by Tuesday, September 30th and use promo code 'ARMEXP100' for a FREE expo pass!



Schedule Builder

ARM TechCon offers 11 tracks composed of technical sessions, real-world case studies and hands-on demonstrations that cover the trending design strategies, methodologies and tools you need to build ARM-based products and apply ARM in embedded systems. In addition, conference content is segmented into 5 'Areas of Interest' (Embedded, Enterprise/Networking and Cloud Infrastructure, IoT and M2M, Mobile, and Wearbles/Sensors) that cut across the tracks.


ARM Sponsored Sessions:

Wednesday, October 1: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

"Introducing ARM's IoT Device Platform" by Zach Shelby, ARM Director of IoT

Learn about ARM's exciting software platform for creating Internet of Things products and services, the latest software technology for embedded devices and cloud software, and how cloud providers are taking advantage of this technology.

Thursday, October 2: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

"Pushing SoC Implementation Boundaries from IoT to Infrastructure"

It's not just about the processor cores... SoC implementation is pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing with even more emphasis on saving power and optimizing performance for both new and existing applications. From IoT to network infrastructure, SoC design and manufacturing are linked, and ARM's multi-session workshop will highlight manufacturing advances, as well as key hardware and software considerations, thermal management and smart power distribution solutions. In addition, presentations will provide guidance on how to achieve the shortest time-to-market and the best possible SoC power, performance, and area with new implementation and signoff methodologies to enhance productivity.

You can add these sponsored sessions to your schedule by visiting the following link ARM TechCon Schedule Builder 

ARM Accredited Engineer Program

AAE Program.jpg

Join the AAE program team (Greg Arnot, Ronan Synnott and Chris Shore) at TechCon 2014 for another valuable opportunity to learn about this global exam-based accreditation program and take advantage of the three days of technical training related to the AAE accreditations.

And exclusive to attendees – sign up for and attend at least one day of the AAE Training Program at ARM TechCon and receive a voucher for 75% off the cost of the AAE exam – a $150 value!

The ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) Program is the only global exam-based certification program available to engineers wishing to demonstrate their knowledge of ARM architectures, and to hiring managers who need a reliable benchmark for the recruitment of new staff and development of existing engineers. It will help to ensure a strong supply of high-quality engineers into the ARM ecosystem in the future.

Following on from the huge success of the AAE education sessions of previous ARM TechCon shows, this year at ARM TechCon, we are offering another opportunity to gain an introduction to the AAE program over the course of three days.

Wednesday, October 1: 10:30 am - 6 pm

AAME Program hosted by ARM and Feabhas

Thursday, October 2: 10:30 am - 5pm

AAE Program hosted by ARM and Doulos

Friday, October 3: 10:30 am - 6 pm

AAME Program hosted by ARM

View the complete daily agendas.

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