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"Expanding the Connected Experience"


Happy Friday! Here are some video interviews from ARM at International CES 2015 in Las Vegas.


We'll start of with our CEO Simon Segars' chat with Bloomberg to discuss chip technology and the experimentation happening in the Internet of Things space - ARM CEO: Consolidation Likely in `Internet of Things': Video - Bloomberg.



Power-efficient ARM technology is everywhere you are, expanding your connected life

Saygus V² (V Squared), winner of the CES 2015 Innovation Award, has 320 GB of storage, ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 21 MP camera, dual-boot capable, 2.5GHz quad-core processor, runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat....and more


Parrot's RNB6 car infotainment system adds CarPlay and Android Auto to any car, and runs on Android Lollipop 5.0, with ARM Mali-400 graphics and Bluetooth 4.0

The 64 bit, octo-core LG G Flex 2 has a 5.5" display, ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC at 2.0 GHz, with 4 lower-power ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores and 4 higher-performance Cortex-A57 cores, turbo-charging 3,000-mAh battery, Android 5.0 Lollipop, a self-healing back, and gesture control features


Ford Sync 3's redesigned in-car infotainment system integrates Texas Instruments ARM-based OMAP 5 processor, responsive performance with high-performance, multicore ARM Cortex-A15s, lets users connect phone apps, and software that can be updated through Wi-Fi


Video - ARM's Antonio Viana on providing the right IP at the right time

Interview with Antonio Viana, President of Commercial and Global Development at ARM, provides key insight into ARM's strategy.


Video - ARM's James Bruce on all things mobile

Interview with James Bruce, Director of Mobile Solutions at ARM, discusses the diversity of today's smartphones.

Video - ARM demos sensors to servers at CES 2015

Eric Gowland of ARM shares a sensors to servers demo using mbed.


Video - ARM talks Internet of Things at CES 2015

Charlene Marini, VP of Embedded Marketing at ARM, talks about the Internet of Things and focusing on enabling the smallest constrained devices

More ARM-related Videos from CES 2015

Our good friend Charbax put together some videos from the show floor featuring a few ARM Partners

Intrinsyc's new DragonBoard™ Development Kit is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor has USB 3, USB 2, HDMI, UFS, audio, bluetooth antennas, GPS antennas, seria ATA, PCI Express, etc.

Rick Schwartz, Senior Product Manager at Qualcomm, introduces the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Smartphone - it's a special development phone for developers to optimize their apps for 64-bit big.LITTLE (you will see it in commercial devices next year). He also shows off the "World's First 4k Tablet".

Netronix demos their new pen-enabled eReader powered by Freescale's i.MX6 Solo Lite processor

ARM recently hosted a visit by the management leadership program at a top 10 worldwide mobile network operator on their tour of UK businesses and academic institutions. Their purpose was to gain insight into ARM's offering and our ecosystem outreach, to share their strategies and plans, and to understand how we could work even closer together; a purpose they share with other operators and broadcasters who have made similar visits in the past.


We did have good and fruitful discussions around diverse areas such as embedded systems, mobile devices and server and network evolution, all enabled by related products and services from both sides. We also covered the growing internet of things business, how to enable this and more importantly, how to monetize this, as well as how we work with global policies and strategies around e g connected& smart city, e-health and automotive businesses.


This latter topic is key for driving global adoption of suitable technologies and services, and ARM together with many of our ecosystem partners are in a very good position to act here due to our global footprint, wide scope and connections with key decision makers and stakeholders across the world.


Our ecosystem will definitely continue to play a key role in enabling all electronic things and services, and we welcome further engagements like the above with our operators and other ecosystem partners to make things happen!

Tom Stevens

ARM News Scan 20/11

Posted by Tom Stevens Nov 20, 2014

In today's news, Business Weekly report on a unique adventure begun by ARM and UNICEF. Read more below:


ARM and UNICEF bankroll $750k talking tech venture in Africa | Business Weekly | Technology News | Business news | Cambr…

A5-size-leaflet-Final.pngEnter the ARM Wearables Week competition for your chance to win your very own wearable, simply complete a very short survey to be entered into the prize draw to win a Fitbit® Flex™.

The winner will be selected at random after the competition closes at 08:00 GMT, 03:00 (EST) or 00:00 PST on November 21st 2014.


Good luck!



Click here to enter the ARM Wearables Week competition (CLOSED)



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Any question? Just add a comment!

I just found a very interesting article on the challenge Europe faces in staying relevant in the technology industry, particularly with a large focus now being placed on 'The Next Billion'. I think the author is quite controversial by saying "Unfortunately, instead of organizing itself to favor the emergence of tech leaders — through decisive education programs and smarter immigration policies for instance — Europe’s main contribution to technologies has been the creation of tax havens"


You can read the full article for yourself here Europe: The digital squeeze is coming. I'm interested to see what you all think about this.

We are the ARM Connected Community


One of the main goals in the creation of the interactive ARM Connected Community platform was to try and make the ARM developer's life easy(er) - by creating a vibrant community to connect with other ARM experts, developers and partners to ask, share and discuss ARM-related topics. We asked our members (each with different backgrounds and expectations) from around the world, what the ARM Community is to them, and we were overwhelmed with the number of creative submissions! Below is a video montage of what we received.



There were also some that submitted photos:


Chris Shore.jpg Bojana.jpg Triumph.jpg


Chris Seidl.jpgYokogawa.jpgTom Stevens.jpg


What is the ARM Connected Community to you?

It would great if you can comment below on what the "ARM Connected Community is..." to you. Thank you to all of the members for a successful first year! It truly has become a very tight-knit community and I have connected with many bright people from around the world.

No I've not lost the plot, this was actually the headline from Electronics back in August 1985!


Recently my father was clearing out his loft at home and came across a couple of bagfuls of "rubbish" (garbage) which was full of various memorabilia from my degree days.  Among the various artefacts, to my great surprise, I came across a photocopy  of this article.


For those of you, like me, who were involved in electronics at that time, it's a real trip down memory lane. Some of the notable snippets are:

Acorn's ARM chip (for Acorn RISC machine)...

The ARM chip packs 25,000 transistors onto a small 50-mm² chip

The chip is about twice as fast as a VAX-11/780

Limited samples of the board [containing the ARM] are available for about $2000

For all those feeling nostalgic you can grab PDFs of original article here for your enjoyment.


However, I’m guessing there is a whole swath of you who weren’t even born; they were the days and you don’t know how lucky you are, etc. (and all the other things old people say…)

The London Science Museum recently announced the opening of a long-awaited exhibit on the Information Age. Not only is it the first museum gallery dedicated to the IT and communications sector, it was also opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth who chose the event to send her first ever tweet! ARM is a principal sponsor of the exhibit that goes through 200 years of innovation in the sector, recounting events like how news of the Titanic disaster was spread to the world within hours of when it sank back in 1912. John Walko of the EETimes explains one of the highlights, a radio transmitter from the 1920's that sent signals that bent around the curvature of the earth, enabling global communication via Morse code signals.


Queen_tweet.pngThe first royal tweet (source)


The best part of it all? It's absolutely free!

If you want to find out more about design services available from ARM, you have an opportunity to meet representatives of ARM's services team at the Technical Symposia coming up over the next few weeks.


Greg Arnot (Director of Marketing) will be in Hsinchu and Taipei this week. Shane Du (Licensing Manager) will be in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen next week, and Chris Shore (Training Manager) will be on hand in to round off the roadshow the week after Bangalore.


if you have questions, or just want to meet the team, do come by. We'd love to see you.


More information about the Technical Symposia here:


ARM Tech Symposia 2014 - Taiwan - ARM

ARM Tech Symposia 2014 - China - ARM

ARM Tech Symposia 2014 - India - ARM


See you there!


Brad Nemire

Join TeamARM for Movember!

Posted by Brad Nemire Oct 31, 2014


Gents. Join us.

Ladies. Support us.


Prostate Cancer is the number one form of male cancer in over 80 countries worldwide. During 'Movember' (the month formerly known as November) participants are challenged to grow a magnificent 'Mo' (moustache) masterpiece to raise funds and spark conversations for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. ARM would like to invite our entire ARM Connected Community ecosystem of developers and partners to join the TeamARM initiative. If you would like to partake in this month long journey with us, register and join on the ARM team page.


Here are the rules:

  1. No head starts! Ensure you have a clean shaven face on November 1st.
  2. For all of November, each 'Mo Bro' must grow and groom their beautiful mustache.
  3. Don't fake it. No beards, no goatees, no fake mustaches.
  4. Share your Moustachery with the community and tell everyone you know about how important your 'Mo' is - it'll be your new great conversation piece and a way to talk about raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and men’s mental health.
  5. Each 'Mo Bro' must conduct themselves like a true gentleman.


Thank you in advance for supporting TeamARM, I look forward to seeing all of your 'Mo' masterpiece photos throughout Movember.


Need some inspiration? Here are some styles for motivation. Brian Fuller, the 'Abracadabra' has your name all over it, John Heinlein, the 'Connoisseur' is right up your alley.

Movember Style Guide.jpg

Hey Guys,


Find below some highlights from this week's ARM news. Stories include:

  • Gabe Moretti from Chip Design Magazine reports on the ARM Cortex-M7 MCU.
  • Many reporters including Ben Fox Rubin from CNET report ARM has introduced a new suite of integrated Mali IP for mobile devices.
  • Several reporters including Agam Shah from IDG News continue to report on ARM’s latest Mali technology.
  • Charlie Osborne from ZDNet reports ARM unveiled the ARM Embedded Education Kit for university students to learn embedded systems design and programming.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Tom Stevens

ARM News Scan 22/10

Posted by Tom Stevens Oct 22, 2014

Hi all,


Below please find today’s relevant news. Today’s highlights include:


  • Rick Merritt from EE Times reports ARM will detail two new members of its cache-coherent, on-chip interconnect family at the Linley Tech Processor Conference today, the midrange CoreLink CCN-502 and the high-end CoreLink CCN-512.


  • Richard Wilson from Electronics Weekly reports Green Hills Software announced the availability of its development tool suite and μ-velOSity RTOS for the ARM Cortex-M7 CPU, noting ARM’s Hobson Bullman said the tool chain “will assist in the creation of products across a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.”

Every fall/autumn that point when you realize the holiday season has started seems to come earlier and this year is no exception, already the department store Macy's has broken ranks on the infamous "Black Friday" by announcing they will open at 6pm on Thanksgiving here in the US (Pumpkin Thursday?).  So as the gift buying stampede starts we wondered what will be the hot tech gifts this year and which one do you crave? (thanks for the idea Alban Rampon).  Holiday gifts to me should be something a little frivolous, something you probably wouldn't buy for yourself  but if you drop enough hints you might get one.  Right now there a lot of incredible new mobile and audio products coming to market based on ARM products but I'm very likely to buy them anyway so they don't fit my criteria (but might yours).  So here is my top pick that I am willing to accept as a gift and yes. I am making sure my family reads this!


As a kid I loved model planes and have very fond (?) memories of hours spent looking for the wayward plane and then repairing it but today's kid has access to drones and I'm jealous and want one!  My pick would be the 3DRobotics IRIS+ not just because I saw it fly onstage at ARM TechCon this month but because its open source and built to be hacked and improved.






It runs on an ARM Cortex-M4, has a neat GoPro mount so you can capture flight action and it has a flight protection feature so if it travels out of range it will go home on its own.  That was technology I didn't even dream of as a 12 year old combing the cornfields of Yorkshire looking for my lost and broken balsa wood model.  Check out their cool video and the follow me feature:



So there you have my top ARM based tech gift and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, what would you choose?      

An interesting article in the New Electronics yesterday by David Boothroyd explored the idea of designing chips with a huge number of cores on one piece of silicon, and how ARM's big.LITTLE technology is already building on one way of doing this. Read more in his article: How will engineers approach the challenge of designing chips with hundreds – maybe thousands – of cores?

If you haven't heard of Y Combinator its an incubator for early stage startups and has had an incredible track record.  If you are a budding entrepreneur you can apply to join their latest "class" and they fund you at a very basic level  ($120k to 68 companies in the last round) but the real benefit is the access to very experienced Internet entrepreneurs who know the ropes.  Remarkably they have just started (on Sept 23) an online class taught at Stanford you can watch for free.  Its 20 video's over the next few months and the presenters are not just the principals of Y Combinator but genuine stars of the Internet boom,  names like Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman.  Its all here and if you are even remotely interested in the phenomenon of how startups are born this is a must watch.  Since this is an ARM blog we will be looking at some of the Y Combinator hardware startups over the next few weeks to see how they brought their products to market and what they learned.  If you know anyone who has participated in Y Combinator or have bought or used one of the resulting products please comment and let us know.  Enjoy!

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