logo51.pngAt the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco, CA, June 1-5, 2014, attendees can visit ARM technology-based demos and technical talks from ARM Partners in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion within the ARM booth highlighting the latest EDA and embedded techniques. Want to know how to join? Please contact Cedric W. Fellows at +1 (303) 951-5728 cedric@dac.com.

Participant must be a partner of the ARM Connected Community. If your company is not a member, register at Community.ARM.com to join this free program.

Partners who have joined the ARM CC Pavilion: Ansys Arteris Cadence Design Systems  Carbon Design Systems  Lauterbach  Memoir Systems Mentor Graphics NetSpeed Systems Rambus  Sonics Space Codesign  TSSI  VLAB Works / ASTC  Zocalo Tech


Save the Date! October 1-3, 2014. Ranked one of the top three must-attend events in the embedded industry, ARM TechCon is more than a conference. TechCon’s unique 360-degree interactive training ground seeded to connect, instruct, advise and enable the world of electronic and ARM-based computer design provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of ARM-based technology. For information on how to become a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact kristen.nicasio@ubm.com.


The ARM Technology Symposia is an annual series of worldwide events where many of our 1000+ ARM Connected Community Partners come together to learn and share valuable information concerning the latest ARM Roadmap and related technologies. Listed below are the sessions in Asia and Europe (9-10 cities) in addition to the regional contacts for each event. 



Contact Person

October 28

Seoul, Korea

Korea - Kay Kim

Email: Kay.Kim@arm.com

Phone: +82-31-712-8234

October 30

Tokyo, Japan

Japan – Kazuya Hata

Email: Kazuya.hata@arm.com

Phone: +81-45-477-5129

November 6

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan – Christy Weng

Email: Christy.weng@arm.com


November 7

Hsinchu, Taiwan

November 10

Shanghai, China

China – Elsa Wen

Email: Elsa.wen@arm.com


November 12

Beijing, China

November 14

Shenzhen, China

November 18

Bangalore, India

India  - Tejasvini Sridhar Rao

Email: Tejasvini.SridharRao@arm.com

Phone: +91 80 49282083

December 4

Paris, France

CAP15 conference center

France: Karin Benoit Cariou

Email: karin.cariou@arm.com

Phone: +33 1 39 30 47 89