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Update on the Community

As planned, we launched the Wearables community at the end of last week and we have moved relevant content to that new area. This is a perfect illustration of how we grow the community: once we have enough content, ownership and a plan, we spin-off new areas.

Last week also saw the launch of the ARM Innovation Hub led by Stuart Beaton.

Towards the end of next month, we are planning to do a graphics themed week, like we successfully did with ARM Wearables Week, Kickstarter Week and, in Chinese, ARM中国可穿戴技术周顺利结束(2014年12月15日~12月19日.

Would you like to contribute personally, or through your company? Get in touch now!


Progression of the ARM Connected Community in 2014

Since launch, I have been reporting on progression of members, and engagement in the past. Today, even if views are only a small part of the story, I wanted to show the progression of the community traffic in 2014.

As David Blaza said when compiling the data points, "building a community takes time". I hope we can accelerate this growth and the pertinence of the content for everyone. We are using the results of the 1y survey for this, but you're welcome to comment or email me your preferences.

This progression was plotted using Google Analytics and, because of the way the system works, it underestimates views on the community. Ask me if you want to know why.


The ARM Connected Community traffic in December 2014 was 253% the traffic of January 2014.


Featured Content

Every week, we pick a few items on the community we think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


ARM at Embedded World 2015 - YouTube with Infineon Technologies, Spansion and STMicroelectronics

Featured Partner

DSP Soundware

This week we welcome DSP Soundware and Scott Kurtz to the community. DSP Soundware is dedicated to the development of algorithms and software that bring the ultimate “You Are There” HD sound quality to voice communication applications. I would highly recommend reading Acoustic Beamforming Software as the document explains the principles of beamforming on top of describing how they use it.


Tip - Finding All Contributions from a Specific Member

That's a question I received by email this week. How can you find everything that a member has written?

You can do that from the member profile:

  1. Search for that member and click on the their name,
  2. Once you are on their profile, click on the Content tab,
  3. On the left, you can have a few choices:
    • Authored: what the member started.
    • Participated: what the member engaged on (comments, replies...).
    • Following: what content the member subscribed to.

20140225_All_Content_From_Author.pngOn the member profile, use the left to choose content created by that member or content (s)he participated to


Have a question about the community?

First check to see if the question has already been answered in Community Help, and if not, start a new thread.

Thanks for reading!

Alban Rampon

Update on the Community

Tomorrow, we will launch the Wearables community which will be led by Natalie Harrison and David Maidment.


We have started the Chinese New Year national holidays so our Chinese content will slow down and our Chinese experts may not reply.


As you will see in the tips section below, we are working in integrating more with ARM newsletters so you can receive news crafted to your interest. Of course, like for the community, email updates are optional and you retain control of which emails you receive. The next phase we are working on is to integrate the community in a marketing automation system. This will allow ARM to better understand what your interests are, and therefore have more relevant content. You will have the option to opt-out and I will explain more when I get closer to implementation. However, if you have feedback at this stage, please let me know.


Embedded World is taking place next week in Nuremberg, Germany and Philippe Bressy highlights a few activities from ARM and ARM Partners in Embedded World 2015, February 24-26 - Der Countdown läuft !. Stop by the ARM booth in Hall 5 and say hello to the team there.

We will tag Embedded World content EW2015 and, the week after, Mobile World Congress content will be tagged MWC2015.

Did you know? You were more than 66,200 to be active on the ARM Connected Community within the last 30 days.


Featured Content

Every week, we pick a few items on the community we think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.

ARM Connected Community Interview with Joseph Yiu: Part I - YouTube


Featured User

This week, I wished to feature Eoin McCann. Eoin joined ARM from Duolog last year and is the community owner for the ARM Processors system IP section. Thanks to Eoin and Ben Walshe, we have now regular content being posted on building effective SoCs: from on-chip bus, IP tooling, to controllers, and debug and trace,


Featured Partner

As PolarSSL acquisition demonstrates, ARM believes security is an important aspect for the success of the Internet of Things.

Real Time Logic can help you implement SSL with Certificate Management App by Real Time Logic and their associated blog explaining how to set up your own CA and create your memory-constrained devices certificates.


Tip - Register to ARM Newsletters

The ARM Connected Community does NOT push updates to you. You choose to subscribe to the content, people and communities you are interested in.

If you are keen on receiving more information about ARM events, products, and services, then you might benefit from subscribing to ARM newsletters.

Go to the News community and, in the right column, enter your email address and click on Edit. If you haven't yet already registered to receive one of several newsletters, there will be a short form to complete.

ARM newsletters are not linked to the community and you will find a link to edit your subscription at the bottom of each email.


Have a question about the community?

First check to see if the question has already been answered in Community Help, and if not, start a new thread.

Update on the Community

Upcoming Events

As you all probably know, there are a few large events coming up which ARM and many of our ARM Partners will be at.


February 24-26 is Embedded World in Germany which is expecting almost 30,000 visitors, over 1,500 congress participants and around 900 exhibitors from over 35 countries. If you'll be attending, stop by the ARM booth in Hall 5.

Some of our partners have already shared they will be attending: Sunrise Micro Devices is going to be at the Embedded World Event 2015, FDI Exhibiting at Embedded World 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany


March 2-5 in Barcelona is Mobile World Congress that will be filled with announcements from our ecosystem of Partners and we have our CEO Simon Segars giving one of the keynotes. The ARM booth will be at Hall 6 Stand 6C10.

** I invite all of our ARM Partners to share their activities related to these events in the community - as you post content, we will create a page to include all of the contributions.


Lastly, I suggest you follow the News group - Eoin McCann has been providing weekly ARM-related news similar to this one News summary - Feb 12th.


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

Are you a graphics developers? If so, I'd suggest following ARM Fellow Jem Davies, the VP of Technology in the Media Processing Division of ARM - Davies is busy with a lot of projects involving the future of cool ARM technology.


Featured Partner

Sentireal just shared the commercial version of their SensARy™ Client software (allows mobile/wearable devices to easily produce compelling augmented reality or virtual reality that automatically adapts to the needs of individuals) is scheduled for release in early 2015.


Tip - Are You New To The ARM Connected Community?

First, welcome and thank you for joining the community!

We recognize the interface is rich in functionality, so please allow us to give you an introduction! Here's a fantastic guide that should help you get accustomed with the community - Are You New To The ARM Connected Community?


Have a question about the community? First check to see if the question has already been answered in Community Help, and if not, start a new thread.

Update on the Community

What social sharing options are important?

Your feedback matters! We often receive ideas and requests on ways to improve the community from a usability standpoint, and more times than not, we have rolled out new features from the feedback.


To the right and at the bottom of each piece of content in the community there are a variety of different social sharing options available (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Reddit) - we would like to know, which are the most important to you and which can you live without? Then also, are there any that we currently don't offer? We're also thinking about adding a 'share by email' option which can be very useful. Please comment below with your thoughts and opinions.


Following up on my blog last week about the New Member Registration Form, the new fields are now live (view the post for more details). It would now be useful if all of our current members can update your profile with the newly added field options.


Thank you again for your feedback, don't hesitate to share any ideas and/or requests that you have for the ARM Connected Community.


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

We welcome Artie Beavis of Atmel to the community - the guy is a content producing machine! Check out his content, he recently published a handful of blogs on innovative start-ups utilizing Atmel technology. One getting attention is Shot Tracker is an ARM-based wearable basketball coach.


Featured Partner

If you're headed to Embedded World, reach out to new ARM Partner Quantimetrica - they specialize in audio-based solutions for the Internet of Things. Their QM1 voice switch  is a power efficient voice activated proprietary system that can trigger any external piece of hardware via a custom voice prompt.



Tip - Email Contribution: How Not To Show Signature/Disclaimer

If you use a corporate email address on the community, your company may append an antivirus message or confidentiality disclaimer... on top of your email signature. However, you can tell to the community system to cut everything in your signature.

This allows you to reply to a notification by email and still give clean replies.


Add a line with at least 5 dashes as separator and everything after, including the dashes will not be posted. Please have a look at this thread for an example Email Contribution, How Not To Show Signature/Disclaimer - Tip


Have a question about the community? First check to see if the question has already been answered in Community Help, and if not, start a new thread.

Update on the Community

We want to know more about you...

If you recall when you registered for an ARM Connected Community member account, we didn't really ask for much - the required fields are your name, username, and email. We can assume majority of you are ARM developers or interested in ARM, but that's about it. We want to understand more about you, so we can provide you with content you're most interested in. With that said, we are in the final stages of rolling out a new member registration form which will include a few more required fields: experience, profession, and areas of interest.


Adding these required fields and learning more about our members will be a 'win-win' and I hope you find value in providing more information to us on the type of developer you are. For current members, you will also notice these fields will be added to your member profile - it would be much appreciated if you can complete/update as much as possible.


Have thoughts on this? Feel free to comment below. We love hearing member feedback - the community is built for you!


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

When learning, which medium do you prefer? Do you have a strong preference on one more than another? Like them all for different reasons? Embedded guru Colin Walls is putting himself up to start video blogging and wants to know your thoughts. Share your opinions on his post Video blogging for embedded software: should you use it?


Featured Partner

Have you heard of Ambiq Micro? If not, they just joined as an ARM Partner and last week announced Apollo – The World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller (up to 10x energy reduction - an ideal solution for wearables or IoT devices). Connect with Mike Salas if you want to learn more.


Tip - Publishing Content in more than one place

This  comes from a question asked in our Community Help. The member asked Is there a way to publish content in more than one place? -"I would like to publish my content in more than one place. Not only ARM and Keil Tools (Group), but also in Embedded. Is there a way to do this? I saw that I can change the place, but not add an additional one."


Answer: Yes, you can do this by using the @mention feature. If you post your content in the ARM and Keil Tools Group, you can @mention the Embedded Group (where embedded is mentioned) within the text. Here's a great short tutorial that explains how to @mention Creating an @mention


Have a question about the community? First check to see if the question has already been answered in Community Help, and if not, start a new thread.

Update on the Community

Welcome Back, Some Development for 2015

Whether professional or personal, in this New Year, I wish you a lot of success in your projects.

For 2015, with your help we will keep finding new use cases and creating new topic areas for the community. For instance, we expect a new public group to be launched mid-February.

Last year, we started to do private external collaboration, with groups like Juno ARM Development Platform which then became public. In 2015, we will keep extending these for the ARM University Program Partners and for other use.

This year, we should also upgrade the community to the latest platform revision. By experience when launching the community, I know people don't tend to like change. However, I strongly believe the platform upgrade will ease everyone's work and reduce some of the quirks you are meeting today.

But the platform upgrade is a big task. So the community better fits your, I've made a few tweaks which will need to be assessed to see if they are still useful on the new software revision.

The user interface will have big improvements. Also, even if I personally don't believe this is a must-have, the UI will follow the latest trends with simplified design (Skeuomorphism removed). The colour scheme used is also likely to change, following feedback we received in the 1-year survey.

We will be changing the contribution reward scheme to also give a chance to members who contribute less: everyone is welcome!

The goal is to grow to membership but more useful is growing engagement: the more people participate, the quicker everyone will get answers and progress... and the less reliant we are on a few people.


Some Numbers for December 2014

We ran a couple of experiences last December to assess how successful we/you can be when we are really putting some effort in it.

These three themed weeks we ran were:

  1. ARM Wearables Week - 17 - 21 November 2014 - #ARMWearablesWK
  2. ARM中国可穿戴技术周顺利结束(2014年12月15日~12月19日)
  3. Kickstarter Week - 8 -12 December

This, and other member initiatives, made December the most successful month since the community was launched.

You more than doubled (221%) the number of engagements (likes, replies, bookmarks, doc revisions...) compared to November.

Content got 20% more views in December, even if the amount of content created was similar to November (~500 pieces).

In December, we reached more than 83,000 different visitors, that's 11x the number of members.


Next week, we will look at numbers for the previous 12 months.


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured Users

For the first of the year, I would like to start by personally thanking members who were working in the community over the last couple of weeks.

You helped engineers with their questions when ARM employees were mostly away.

Special thanks to yasuhikokoumoto, Jérôme Décamps, Gopal Amlekar and techguyz.


Featured Partner

We welcome Bramson Welch and Associates to the community, an embedded design services company. Marni Welch and Eric Welch, please think about creating documents with your services description so visitors have details about what you are doing!


Tip - How to Be Notified by Email of Messages Sent to You?

If you want to receive an email for messages relating to you in particular, you might have to change your user preferences.

To check if email notifications are active and change them:

  1. Click on your name at the top right of any page when you are logged in,
  2. In the menu, click on Preferences,
  3. Make sure both "Inbox" options are switched on. If they are not, select the ON radio button and then Save at the bottom of the page.


Hello everyone,


TL;DR - The Short Version

Someone copied our community, most likely to try and steal member credentials.

We did NOT have any security issue on the community.

Your personal details stayed safe if you didn't enter them in another website.

If you have received an unusual email about your credentials without having asked for it, please notify me right now.

If you are unsure, simply change your password now. See below for a step by step instruction.


More Details

One of my system reports highlighted that another website was using content from the community. This is usually from individuals who find the content valuable and copy it into their own blog.

In this occurrence, the system did not only look like this community, but was also displaying real content.

Using several techniques, we have managed to stop that site 2 hours after it was first noticed. I won't publicly explain how.


I will keep working with colleagues and the platform vendor to better understand how we can notice this type of things early, and get them down even quicker.


How To Change Your Password

  1. Go to community.arm.com
  2. Login by clicking login at the top right
  3. Once logged in, click on your name at the top right
  4. In the menu click on Change password



Like with any other website, you should always, always, make sure that the site you are visiting is really the one you wanted to see.

If the domain name in the address bar is NOT community.arm.com, you are NOT on the ARM Connected Community, whatever is displayed in your browser!

And if you haven't done this in the last months, maybe now is time for you to change your password...

Happy New Year!


What is an online community?

I had a conversation over the holiday break with a family member and he was intrigued to learn more about what I did on a day-to-day basis (one of those typical conversations you have when you get together with family members that you rarely talk to throughout the year). I told him that I help manage an online community and as I had imagined, I received a blank and confused look. So where do I go next with the conversation? I thought the simplest way was to compare it to a physical community. A physical community typically consists of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds that share a similar interest (which can be as simple as geographic interest) and then within the community, you have the local businesses and social groups.


Then I told him to imagine it as a virtual or online community. We have a community of members from around the world that share the interest of developing on ARM and within the community, we have Groups, which I compared to social groups - where members can ask questions, discuss and receive expert advice, and then a wide range of ARM Partners, easy reference to storefronts in a physical community, where members can interact with employees to learn more about their products based on the ARM architecture. His head started to nod as he began to get a better understanding...


A deeper look at the numbers over the past year in the community - the 'Featured Members' represented 14 different countries (yes, 14!), we welcomed over 5,140 members, 145 new ARM Partners, and 6,538 pieces of content. Wow, impressive to say the least.


Looking back over the last year, the ARM Connected Community has truly become a vibrant community of very brilliant people and I bet many members have built more beneficial relationships within the online community than the actual community you physically live in. As we head into 2015, I hope the ARM Connected Community continues to provide you with the necessary knowledge and relationships you need for your job role.


As IDC Revealed in their Social Business Predictions for 2015, "Online Communities will continue to grow in support of business innovation across all enterprise functions...". Thank you for all of your contributions to the community, the community is very important in the success of the ARM ecosystem and the Community Managers will continue to listen to your feedback to make the community better for all.


Now onto the Member Rewards Program... It's worth noting that we will be launching a new format for the Member and Partner Rewards Program in 2015 and will share the details at the end of this month.



Top Member (1 Employee and 1 Non-Employee) of 2014 with the most points are...

From ARM (of course we excluded employees whose job it is to look over the community), it came down to a close race between two employees and we thought they both deserved to be rewarded. Thank you to Peter Harris and Martin Weidmann - the two combined, participated in over 400 discussions! The non-ARM employee winner was techguyz who has been a consistent contributor since last January. All three winners will receive an ARM-based GoPro Hero4 Black.




Most Viewed Partner

For the Partner Rewards Program, STMicroelectronics was the most viewed partner of the first half of 2014, but Atmel came out ahead in the second half of the year. Atmel will be receiving a custom Cornhole set for their office. Have fun with it Team Atmel and thank you to all of the partners for your contributions.

2014 Most Viewed Prize - Atmel.png



Top Contributors of Q4 2014

Besides rewarding the Top Member for all of 2014, below are the winners of the Q4 Member Rewards Program:

From ARM - David Blaza, Carissa Labriola and Eoin McCann

Non-Employee - yasuhikokoumoto, Gopal Amlekar and Sylvie Boube-Politano


Each of these winners will be sent an ARM-based Honeywell Lyric thermostat.





Most Viewed Content of 2014

In case you might've missed some of the most popular blogs, documents or discussions from last year, below is a list of the most viewed posts from each of the different community Groups.


ARM Processors.png

ARM Processors

Introducing ARM Cortex-A17 – a New Performance Point in Mid-range Mobile

Easing development on ARM: Building customized debug and trace solutions for multi-core SoCs

Extended System Coherency - Part 2 - Implementation, big.LITTLE, GPU Compute and Enterprise

Code Size – a comprehensive comparison of microMIPS32 and Thumb code size using many Megabytes of customer code

Meet the new ARM Cortex-M7 processor: supercharging embedded devices

Design Start ARM Cortex-M0

How to configure a 10 inch TFT LCD in ARM Cortex-M3?

Usage of generic register in CPU reset

AAME Certification Preparation Suggestions

Few beginner questions - from AVR to ARM



ARM Mali Graphics

Mali: X11 vs. Wayland at SIGGRAPH 2014

Get started with compute shaders

Ittiam and ARM are the first to efficiently bring Google’s VP9 to mobile devices

The Mali GPU: An Abstract Machine, Part 3 - The Shader Core

The Mali GPU: An Abstract Machine, Part 1 - Frame Pipelining

OpenCL support for Mali-T628 MP6 on Arndale Octa?

Are the ARM MALI 450 MP and ARM MALI 450 MP4 the same thing or not?

Mali-400 drivers don't support import texture from DMA-BUF

Compiling Mali 400 r4p0-00rel1 driver on linux (archlinux arm). How?

Can't compile any shader with the OpenGL ES 2 Emulator




ARM and Keil Tools

Cortex-M Prototyping System, new development board from ARM

6 ARM Compiler tutorials to help you write better software

MDK-ARM Version 5: Software Packs Explained

ARM Compiler 6 – Best in class code generation for the ARM Architecture

Booting Linux on the ARMv8-A model provided with DS-5 Ultimate Edition

Using CMSIS DSP Function: arm_fir_f32 - Correct Use?

Does anyone know how I can remotely update code to distant ARM system?

About embedded web server Technology

DS-5 How to create makefiles

Free ARM Cortex-M3 Simulation Software?



SoC Implementation

Sometimes Hardware Details Matter in ARM Embedded Systems Programming

First tape-out with TSMC’s 16nm FinFET and ARM’s 64-bit big.LITTLE Processors

FinFET production and the ARM Ecosystem: TSMC readies 16nm FinFET ramp and tips 10nm FinFET plans

Huawei Honor 6 with Hisilicon Kirin 920 Announced (ARM big.LITTLE & ARM Mali-T628 MP4 based)

DAC 2014 – Five Mega Trends for System Design and Verification

Need ARM SystemC Model

About two port SRAM compiler in TSMC 0.13um?

Can I place the System MMU (SMMU-400) before the DRAM Memory Controller (DMC-400)?

How do I get to the Foundation Library for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES technology?

where are the C++  libraries for linux app?


Embedded Pebble.png


Kickstarter: USB2Go - ARM based USB development board for Android

Bionic RoboHand Prototype - Myoelectric controller based on DSP and Machine Learning

LED Video Panel at Maker Faire 2014: Concept and Development

Fun with RFduino pt2… It’s Alive!

10 Steps to Selecting a Microcontroller

How to jumpstart an ARM9 board from its SD slot?

How can I learn to build my own computer with ARM processors?

Debugging a Cortex-M0 Hard Fault

TCP/IP stack for Cortex-A9 MPCore

Do you know of a board that includes LPC1837JET256 or LPC1817JET100 MC?



Internet of Things

ARM Wearables Week - 17 - 21 November 2014 - #ARMWearablesWK

Internet of Things: Complexity of software for Sensor Fusion on ARM's Google+ Hangout on Air

Announcing a New IoT Device Platform – ARM mbed

“Lightweight M2M”: Enabling Device Management and Applications for the Internet of Things

A Look Inside Android Wear

Design Patterns for an Internet of Things

Planes, trains and … bikes: Transportation for the Internet of Things

I would like to start a discussion on ideas about IoT sensors and mixed signal chips.



Android Community

From Zero to Boot: Porting Android to your ARM platform

Bringing up Streamline in the Android Developer Toolchain (SDK and NDK) in order to do system analysis for your Android app

Cracking the Embedded Android Code

The ART of Fuzz Testing

Runtime detection of CPU features on an ARMv8-A CPU

Debug native system-level code (c++) of Android Sources (AOSP) with DS-5

Recompile neon 32bit instruction for ARMv8 using ndk r10c

android application power consumption measurement

Install Android OS on ARM Cortex-M3

How to build and port Android on TI AM335X (ARM Cortex-A8) Processor?


Thank you again for a great 2014 and we look forward to an even better 2015! Please don't hesitate to share your feedback of the community in a comment below.


Update on the Community

Featured_Kickstarter.pngKickstarter Week vs. Wearables Week

Our second community takeover was very interesting. In ARM Wearables Week, we partnered with Hexus and we could see traffic was mostly consumer or end users.

With the Kickstarter projects and Carissa Labriola's different out of box posts, we have seen much more technical/engineering people engaging with the community.

I think both are useful for the community, even if I have a personal preference towards all the excellent project suggestions new members posted.

Check out the Kickstarter Week document which provides links to all the related content published during the week.


Maintenance and Mobile

Last Sunday, I removed the photo album feature, after making sure all content was transferred into documents. As I explained when I gave advanced warning, as the feature wasn't used much, we preferred shift that cost to generating more quality content, especially for our Chinese community. If you read simplified Chinese, you're welcome to go and say hi to Song Bin 宋斌 in 中文社区.

We also invite you to read our Changes on Mobile App Support for the Community announcement.


End of Year Cover

The ARM Connected Community is primarily a professional, technical, community. Song Bin 宋斌, our APAC Community Manager, will be your main contact within the next two weeks.

As many members will take some holidays, you will not only have much less content created, but your questions may not receive replies in a timely manner.

If your business is losing money over a technical difficulty, then maybe relying on community support during that period of the year will be a problem. For formal technical support from ARM, please consult ARM Support.


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


3CC Partner Panels 3D PPT 9.14.jpgFeatured User

This week, I'd like to highlight Wenjun Zhang! Wenjun works in the ARM digital team (across my desk) and she's looking after ARM partners both in this community and the quarterly newsletter she creates. Thanks mainly to her help and Ping Zuo 左平's, we managed to reconnect with 500 partners within 6 months of the community. To give all visitors up to date information, having a close relationship with our partners is paramount.

With more than 1,200 Partners, the growing ARM ecosystem is still by far the biggest in the industry, giving you choice at every step of your project, from the idea, design, to realisation and testing.


Featured Partner

As grace2014 highlights, Forlinx Embedded Technology is The specified item was not found. across the world. Have a look at their partner space to learn about their products and contact Grace directly!


The DAC Call for Papers is open until January 20. More details in Brenda's blog DAC 2015 - June 7-11, San Francisco, CA. Brenda also tells the benefit of reserving a spot in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion before it's full...


Tip - How to Change Your Username?

I can see that a few people register with their email address as username. As I put in the registration form, I don't recommend it but it's up to you!

But you could have missed the mention or not fully realised that it would really be public.

You are unable to do it yourself, but we can change your username if you ask us to.

That could also be useful, should you want to change from a pseudonym to use your real name so your contribution could be used as easy proof of your expertise.

Whatever the reason, have a look at User Account, User Name, Display Name, SSO... - FAQ for all details.


Does it Apply to me?

If you are using the Android or iOS app to access the community, yes.

However, if you only browse the full site, you are not impacted.


Why is it Changing?

The platform vendor, Jive, is ending the support of the version of mobile plug-in we use on the ARM Connected Community.

They have decided to stop the support of Android on the community software version we use.


When is the Change Happening?

It will happen on two stages.

The first stage will happen Sunday 14th December 2014, on the back of the already planned maintenance. We are upgrading the current mobile support.

The second change is expected around Christmas or very early January.

Upgrading the community is planned for 2015 but the software vendor has not announced the date when they will releases their new version.


What is Changing?

For Current Android App Users

ACCURLQRCode.PNGAfter Sunday's maintenance, you might have to reconnect the app with the community or notifications may stop.

Scan the QR Code or type http://community.arm.com

Unfortunately, our platform vendor is stopping the support of the current Android app at the end of this year.

You will not be able to use any Android app in the New Year, until we have arranged a platform update. Such platform upgrade is under discussion.


Is there any workaround?

A nice workaround has not been offered to us

You can nonetheless keep using the community on your Android device in two ways:

  1. Use the full site from http://community.arm.com
  2. Use the mobile site from http://community.arm.com/mobile (from Sunday 14th December 2014, 12pm GTM)

To replace system notifications, the inelegant but effective solution is to use email notifications: How To Create/Manage a Custom Stream?


For Current or New iOS App Users

After Sunday's maintenance, you might have to reconnect the app with the community or notifications may stop.

Scan the QR Code or type http://community.arm.com.

You must use the "white app" to be able to keep using the community.


Be certain that I am very disappointed not to have been able to find a suitable solution for you and me...

Update on the Community

'Kickstarter Week is here...'

If you frequent the community you most likely have noticed the community has been taken over by Kickstarter Week. Kickstarter is quite the phenomena - since its inception 7,568,063 backers have pledged $1,440,157,848 USD to successfully fund 75,388 projects across all categories on the crowdfunding platform. On Monday, ARM launched an 'ARM-based Projects' curated page on Kickstarter that plays host to 50 Kickstarter Innovations Based on ARM (which is growing on a daily basis). It's amazing to see all of the new projects from around the world using ARM and our partner's technology at the base of their new inventions. Please don't hesitate to comment below if you know of any other ARM-based projects that are missing from the page. What's your thoughts on Kickstarter? David Blaza created a poll today - it would be interesting to see How many Kickstarter projects have you backed?


Check out the Kickstarter Week document which provides links to all the related content published during the week.


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Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

gezedo just received his ARM Accredited Engineer certification and was nice enough to explain how and Why I passed AAE and AAME exams


Featured Partner

Jennifer Castelino of Linaro published an update on their projects - Home Group, Enterprise Group, Networking Group, LAVA Group and Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK)


Attention ARM Partners: The DAC Call for Papers is now open and be sure to reserve a spot in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion before it's full - more details in Brenda's blog DAC 2015 - June 7-11, San Francisco, CA


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EiffelTower_[1].jpgUpdate on the Community

Tomorrow, the last ARM Technology Symposium of the year will take place in Paris. If you haven't been able to register to this free event but do want to participate, feel free to show up on the day as you will be able to register on site too.

These events also took place in 3 cities in China (+ Korea, Japan, India and Taiwan). With 252 replies and 226 likes, Chinese attendees created the most engaged with content on the community since launch.

Our new daily report analysis have helped us reduce the number of broken links even further, but also determine where we think problems will occur. If you have encountered a problem browsing the community, please do take a minute to let us know so we have a chance to try and address it.

Next week is ARM Kickstarter week in the community. If you've ran or participated to a Kickstarter campaign, whether you made millions or not, feel welcome to contribute and share you experience!

Featured Content

Every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

This week thanks go to Colin Walls. Colin joined the community before it became public, during our private phase. Follow Colin for updates on Embedded development.


Featured Partner

Happy 15th anniversary to Telechips, a semiconductor company designing and developing digital media processors. These are used in a wide range of applications from set top boxes to mobile TV, including automotive infotainment. If you have any question, ask Rami who has been keeping Telechips space up to date!


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Update on the Community

'Community Takeover'

And...that's a wrap on our first 'Community Takeover' type of event in the ARM Connected Community. In case you might have overlooked some of the great content that was shared, this document provides an easy rundown with the links to all the fantastic blogs, teardowns and polls from ARM Wearables Week. The wearables market is real and I'm very interested to see where it goes from here. Attention ARM Developers and Partners, keep on developing, there's still a lot of opportunity in this market!


On December 8th, we'll be hosting ARM Kickstarter Week in the community. During the week, we will be highlighting some successful ARM-based Kickstarter campaigns, as well as a variety of content on how to get your idea to market, and tutorials from ARM experts. I invite everyone to contribute during the week and share Kickstarter projects you've backed (or started), thoughts about the crowdfunding phenomena and anything else related to this space.


Going to the Paris next week for the ARM Tech Symposia?

Alban will be at the ARM Tech Symposia 2014 - Europe in Paris next week (Dec. 3-4), so please reach out to him if you are attending - he'd love to meet you.


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

Eoin McCann came over from ARM's acquisition of Duolog and published some great blogs this week: Interview: How to solve the IP integration problem, Samsung Exynos 7 Octa: Latest ARM® Cortex®-A57 and Cortex-A53-based SoC with ARM big.LITTLE™ technology, Freescale’s Layerscape LS2 SoCs fuel the adoption of SDN and NFV


Featured Partner

We welcome a new ARM Partner to the family - Iota Security builds advanced cyber security solutions for the Internet of Things. Yaron, it would be beneficial for everyone if you can share a blog around IoT security.


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Update on the Community

With Feedback and Metrics Come Great Things

Or at least useful things. We've observed that traffic is coming to pages which don't exist on our community.

To serve something somewhat useful to the user, we have changed the Not Found page, supporting multi-languages. That's a change I hope you won't see...

A couple of members got caught by Blog Scheduling Date Problem due to a locale mismatch, so we have added the mention in the UI, near the feature.

We've cleaned-up the homepage carousel as well, based on your feedback.

Finally, we fixed the syntax highlighter on mobile Chrome as the text was clipped in phone portrait mode.

Thanks for letting us know, giving us the opportunity to do something about it!

On Sunday, our software vendor will be doing some maintenance on the community. Look at the announcement on the homepage for more info.


Retiring Photo Albums

We will be removing the photo album feature from the community next month. It hasn't been used much, and we believe it has too many limitations. It will also slightly simplify the interface.

We have started transferring photo album images into documents, or blogs in our topic areas.

Members having photo albums on their profile will be contacted individually before we take a default action.

We intend to allocate the money saved in getting more content and useful features.


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

Rich Evans is a software engineer in the graphics developer relation team. Rich has been helping addressing many questions in ARM Mali Graphics. Follow him if you are interested in how to best use the Mali products.


Featured Partner

Forlinx Embedded Technology specialises in computer on modules, single board computers and does the manufacturing on top of the design. This Chinese company has their product information in the community.


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A5-size-leaflet-sq.pngUpdate on the Community

The homepage carousel overlay issue on Internet Explorer has been addressed. We're now looking at code syntax highlighter issue in the Google Chrome Mobile.

If you see anything else, please let us know.

The Video: The ARM Connected Community is... made for the 1 year anniversary gives you an overview of the background/needs breadth of community members.

We've also been preparing the Wearables Week with Natalie Harrison, David Blaza and David Maidment. Follow ARM Wearables Week - 17 - 21 November 2014 to be notified: we will edit the document with new content as it is created.


Featured Content

Almost every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

I would like to encourage you to share your opinion on Anna Clark's Why are there so few women in software development?.


Featured Partner

This week we welcome PubNub. As Joe Hanson illustrates in 5 Challenges of Internet of Things Connectivity, PubNub's speciality is Internet of Things and they process 3 million messages per second with 5 nines SLAs. Joe, please think about adding your products/services in your company space so they are available as part of search results.


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Here is a step by step guide:

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